2018 Top Prospects who rose to the top of the league

MLB.com is announcing a ranking of prospects by position, one of the representative contents of the offseason. 토토사이트 Following left-handed and right-handed pitchers, catchers were introduced, and first to third basemen also appeared in turn. On the 25th (Korean time), the shortstop rankings were announced. Catcher Francisco Alvarez (New York Mets) and first baseman Triston Casas (Boston Red Sox) are already familiar to Korean MLB fans. 

In the Major League (MLB), there are many cases in which top-notch prospects who are called up quickly settle into the big leagues or become top-notch players after their debut. Their debut game is announced in advance, and the match result is also attracting attention. 토토사이트 If you’re a fan, this is pretty interesting content. 

On the 25th, MLB.com looked back on the top 10 best prospects released at this time in 2018, five years ago, and pointed out how well their prospects matched the present. Many of those who were on the list of prospects in 2018 have risen to superstars. 

The representative player is Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels), who was rated as the No. 1 player. At the time, MLB.com said, “Scouts commonly see that it is more advantageous for Ohtani to perform pitching duties. But he is a player who can become a star as a hitter.” 

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