A clean sheet for every win—5th-ranked Daegu FC’s ‘clicker soccer’

Professional soccer team Daegu FC is on the rise, climbing up to fifth place in the rankings.

The team’s tactics of keeping a clean sheet and scoring with a decisive counterattack while defending against their opponents’ changing tactics has been the main reason,

Reporter Seokwon Seok reports on the so-called ‘click football’ that has become the team color of Daegu FC and the number one contributor to the team’s rise.


DGB Daegu Bank Park, Daegu FC’s home stadium, was sold out for the third time this season.

Their opponent is FC Seoul, the team that gave them a 0-3 heartbreaker in their first meeting in Seoul in April.

Daegu, who had less than 30% of the ball possession, scored in the 14th minute off a pass from Edgar, assisted by Go Jae-hyun.

Daegu FC won the match with the enthusiastic support of more than 12,000 spectators, despite the difficulties of a shaky 1-0 lead.

◀Sejingya Daegu FC▶
“In a case like today, there were a lot of people supporting our supporters and our team, so I’m very happy about that, and I scored a goal… I think we got a good result because what we prepared for all along came out on the field.”

With their sixth win of the season, Daegu have now kept a clean sheet in every game they have won this season 먹튀검증.

◀Daegu FC head coach Choi Won-kwon▶
“I think we did a good job of stopping Seoul’s powerful offense, and I think it’s definitely praiseworthy to be able to win with a clean sheet.”

While Sejingya and Edgar play a counter-attacking style of soccer with clear scoring routes, there are only two wins with both players starting.

A clean sheet is an essential part of the team’s counterattacking style of play, and Choi Won-kwon acknowledges that it is the team’s color, but he also wants to score more goals in the future.

◀Choi Won-kwon / Daegu FC head coach▶
“I think we are really clicking (soccer), so we can be more perfect—it’s called clicking soccer, but I think it’s because we only scored one goal.”

Amidst the chaos in the mid-table, Daegu FC is only two or three points behind the sixth, seventh, and eighth-place teams, but three points behind third- and fourth-place Seoul and Pohang.

Having moved up to fifth in the standings, Daegu FC faces tougher opponents in Jeonbuk and Suwon, who are also below them.

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