‘A player like this gets the same salary as Holland?’… Man U fans ‘extremely angry’ at extreme performance

Another mistake. Another David de Gea (Manchester United).

Manchester United lost 0-1 in a match against West Ham in the 35th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season at London Stadium in London, England on the 8th.

It was a disaster caused by a fatal mistake by goalkeeper De Gea. In the 27th minute of the first half, Ben Rama’s shot was not blocked properly. It was an ordinary shot. However, the ball hit De Gea’s hand and was sucked into the goal. De Gea made another mistake and led the team to defeat.

After the match, Manchester United manager Eric Ten Haag couldn’t hide his disappointment. “Of course, as you can see, I’m really disappointed. De Gea knows it was a mistake. I should have been more sober,” he said.

However, he did not place all the blame on De Gea. “De Gea is a great goalkeeper,” said Ten Hag. I was stubborn.

Man United fans reacted differently. He was furious at his frequent mistakes. De Gea committed 4 errors this season and ranked first in the EPL overall. The patience of Manchester United fans is reaching its limit. In addition, Manchester United legend Paul Scholes also made frequent mistakes, and he criticized Gea, saying, “He is a fantastic goalkeeper, but not a fantastic footballer.”

What Manchester United fans and legends in particular don’t understand is that De Gea is on top of his salary. That means he is not paying his salary.

Recently, Britain’s ‘The Sun’ revealed that De Hea’s weekly wage is a whopping 402,250 pounds (673 million won). My 1st place at Manchester United. It is the overwhelming top goalkeeper salary in the world. Even if you look at the entire EPL, it is tied for second place after Kevin the Brawiner (Manchester City)’s 425,000 pounds (710 million won).

The same ranking is Elling Haaland (Manchester City), who is causing the EPL craze. I am even more angry because it is Manchester City, a regional rival. It is Holland who scored 35 goals this season and broke the EPL record for the most individual goals in a single season. He is doing well for his salary.

But even with the same salary, De Gea is the worst. Man Utd fans are even more angry at the ‘pole and pole’ performance for the same money 토토사이트.

As a result, it seems that De Gea’s release voice will be more powerful. De Gea’s contract lasts until this season. De Gea wants to stay at Manchester United, and United are negotiating a new contract with the club taking a cut in his salary. In this situation, De Gea’s fatal mistake could further strengthen the intensity of his annual salary cut, leaving room for him to be released in an extreme case.

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