Attention is focusing on whether the professional baseball 2nd division league will be held in Wonju

Attention is focusing on whether a professional baseball 2nd team game will be held at the 4th baseball field in the Taejang Sports Complex in Wonju, which is currently under construction.

On the 18th, President Heo Gu-yeon of the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) visited the construction site of the 4th baseball field in the Taejang Sports Complex and had a meeting with local sports administration working-level staff, including Kim Myung-rae, head of the Wonju City Sports Department, and Han Yoon-gil, head of the Shiyagu Softball Association. At this meeting, President Huh spared no practical advice on supplementing the facilities of the baseball field, such as installing a roof in the stadium, preparing a bullpen field, and expanding dugouts.

Local baseball players, such as Chairman Han Yun-gil, asked for cooperation in Wonju to hold the 2nd Division Futures League in Wonju, and President Heo replied, “It is possible if the infrastructure to play baseball is established.” He then advised that accepting the second professional baseball team as a related team would also help revitalize the local economy.

President Huh also expressed his regret that no professional baseball game had been held in Gangwon since 1988, and requested that local governments and baseball players work together to establish a long-term plan. 메이저놀이터

The 4th baseball field in the Taejang Sports Complex, which is scheduled to be completed in April this year, is being built on a 12,000m2 site on a 30,600m2 site with a total project cost of 12.6 billion won. Baseball Field 4 can accommodate about 4,000 spectators and will be equipped with a recording room, a VIP room, and a dugout.

President Huh said, “No matter how well a baseball field is built, it is of no use if players do not come and play games. We need to have facilities that can be used by amateur players as well as professionals,” he said. The KBO will actively contribute,” he said.

Kim Myeong-rae, head of the city’s sports department, emphasized, “We will establish a long-term plan so that professional baseball games in Gangwon can resume in Wonju after 40 years, while actively working to build a healthy sports city.”

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