Auckland runs out of patience, first step before Las Vegas

The Oakland Athletics of the American professional baseball major league (MLB) have taken the first step toward relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

American media outlets such as the Associated Press reported on the 20th (Korean time) that the Oakland club had signed a land purchase contract for the construction of a new baseball field in Las Vegas.

According to reports, the Oakland club signed a contract for a 49-acre (198,296 square meters) site last week. The site is located on the Strip near Las Vegas, and the Oakland club plans to build a retractable dome that can accommodate between 30,000 and 35,000 spectators.

In addition, the Oakland club will finance the construction of the stadium through public and private partnerships with Nevada and Clark County, and plans to start construction by next year and move to 2027. The current home stadium of the Auckland club, the Auckland Coliseum, expires in 2024.

“This signing is a very big milestone for our team,” said Oakland President Dave Cabal. said.

“Our team is paying great attention to Las Vegas,” said Cabal’s president. At this point, the transfer of the Auckland club is practically confirmed.

The MLB Secretariat is also in a mood to welcome the decision of the Oakland club.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said, “I believe the deadline for resolving the Oakland club’s difficult situation has passed.” .

But Auckland city officials are not hiding their disapproval of the decision.

Auckland Mayor Sheng Tao said: “It is disappointing that Auckland club has not negotiated with Auckland City as a true partner. They have negotiated over the past three months to maintain the partnership, but Auckland club are unwilling to remain in their hometown. They are simply better off. They just used negotiations to get the terms.”

Meanwhile, Oakland had a number of professional sports teams, but now only the Oakland Athletics remain as a major professional sports team. 먹튀검증

The American Professional Football (NFL) Oakland Raiders used Oakland Coliseum as their home stadium until 2019, and then changed their team name to Las Vegas Raiders, using Las Vegas as their home from 2020. The Golden State Warriors of the American Professional Basketball Association (NBA) also used the Oakland Arena as their home stadium until 2019, but have now moved to the San Francisco Chase Center.

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