‘Back from the dead’ Nongshim beats Liv Sandbox to end 8-game losing streak…tied for 9th with Sandbox

It’s the ‘fight back from the bottom’. Nongshim Red Force, which was at the bottom of the league with an ‘eight-game losing streak’, sacrificed a rib sandbox to break the losing streak and set the stage for a comeback. Can Nongshim succeed in rebounding in the second round of the Summer Season? 안전놀이터순위

Nongshim swept the second round of the Summer Split Regular Season of the LoL Champions Korea (LCK) 2023 at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul, on August 8 with a set score of 2-0 against Live Sandbox. With the win, Nongshim snapped an eight-game losing streak and moved into a tie for ninth place in the standings with Sandbox with a 2-8 record (11 sets lost).

After defeating their first opponent in the first round of the Summer Season last month, OK Savings Bank Brion, Nongshim lost eight straight games to finish the first round with a 1-8 record and last place in the league. In the first game of the second round, Nongshim got its first win in a month by taking down Sandbox.

Nongshim struggled in the first set, losing the lead from the top. However, they stayed focused in the engagements and battled back and forth with Sandbox. As the game progressed into the mid to late game, Nongshim utilized their strength in combinations and overwhelmed Sandbox in one-on-one engagements to take the first set.

The second set was no different for Nongshim. Early on, they struggled with Sandbox’s bottom game, as their long-range dealer Ji-woo “Ji-woo” Jeong kept getting disconnected. After losing the initiative from the line, Nongshim was practically defeated. However, Nongshim started to gain momentum as they were able to withstand their opponent’s overwhelming attacks, and their single-hit concentration shone through in the second game, as Ahn “Fiesta” Hyun-seo’s performance and Jeong “Jiu” Jung-woo’s firepower helped them dominate the battle. With momentum on their side, Nongshim sealed the victory in the late-game engagements, defeating Sandbox one after another.

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