“Bell threw the players under the bus!”…Australian legend criticizes, asks, ‘Is the coach to blame?

South Korea Women’s National Team head coach Colleen Bell has spoken out.

Bell’s side lost 0-2 to Colombia in their first match of Group H at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia-New Zealand 2023 at the Sydney Football Stadium in Australia on Friday.

There was a lot of disappointment throughout the match, and then Bell took a swipe at the team. Bell, who has a warm and caring image, used an unusually strong tone.

“We were slow to think, slow to make decisions. It’s very disappointing. We had some good chances in the first half, but we didn’t take them. The circumstances of the penalty were unfortunate, especially the second goal after the penalty. There’s always a crisis after a mistake, you can’t concede goals that easily, and that’s where we didn’t play well. Colombia were much better in attack, ball possession, etc. When they made mistakes, we didn’t capitalize. That was the big difference, the difference in performance,” he said.

“This is the World Cup. This is the level and the reality of international women’s soccer. You need high intensity. This is the international standard here. Colombia, Morocco, and Germany are all at that level. We can’t win if we play like we did today.”

Bell offered some hope. “It’s not good to lose, but you have to remember the moment. Losing is part of life. You have to keep moving forward and not sag too much. You have to keep going. In about two hours, I’ll be back on my feet.”

However, Bell’s earlier comments have become a bigger issue. That’s when someone came forward to criticize Bell’s comments.

Heather Garibaldi strongly criticized Bell. She is a legend in Australian women’s soccer. The midfielder played for Sydney FC, among others, and won a whopping 130 caps for the Australian national team. She is the fourth all-time leading scorer for the Australian women’s national team. She also served as the head coach of the Australian national team and now works as a soccer pundit. 스포츠토토

In an interview with Australia’s Optus Sport, he criticized Bell for throwing the Korean players under the bus.

In particular, he criticized Bell’s lack of responsibility. While the players are responsible for their poor performance, the coach is also responsible. However, Bell’s comments were meant to place the blame solely on the players.

“Bell did not take responsibility for the performance and the result against Colombia. He pointed to the second goal, the goalkeeper’s mistake, etc. The game is 90 minutes. We had chances to change the situation, but we didn’t. He was negative in every way. I am embarrassed by that interview. I am embarrassed by that interview. If I had heard my team’s head coach talk like that, I would have been angry,” he pointed out.

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