‘Birth of another European’ Park Ji-soo, Portuguese Portimonense ‘blitz transfer’

Another European faction was born. ‘National team defender’ Park Ji-soo (29) advances to the Portuguese Primera Liga.

An official familiar with the European transfer market said, “Park Ji-soo is moving to Portimonense in the Portuguese first division. The contract period is one and a half years, and an announcement will be made soon.” According to this official, Park Ji-soo has now moved to Portugal and has completed a medical test. When the final signing is completed, Park Ji-soo will become the ninth Korean player to cross the stage in Portugal.

Park Ji-soo was one of the hidden big fish in this transfer market. Park Ji-soo, who completed his military service by discharging Gimcheon Sangmu in December, obtained a free agent (FA) status as his original team, Guangzhou FC, suffered financial difficulties. In an era when high-quality center backs are rare, many teams showed interest when an active national team defender came to the market as a free agent. K-League teams, as well as overseas such as China and the Middle East, sent love calls. Huge offers followed.

Meanwhile, calls came from Europe. Turkiye and Portugal showed interest in recruiting Park Ji-soo. Instead of the Asian stage, which promised a huge amount, it turned to Europe, which was a dream. Portimonense, who was looking for a defender, was active. Former coach Paulo Bento also actively recommended it. Park Ji-soo, who had a dream of a big league, chose to challenge Europe without delay, and among them, he chose the Portuguese stage.

Park Ji-soo is a positional player. Park Ji-soo, who joined Incheon United in 2013 amid much anticipation as a native of Incheon youth, suffered a shock release without being able to play a single game. Park Ji-soo, who wandered to the point of considering his retirement, wore the FC Uijeongbu uniform of the K3 League, which corresponds to the 4th division in 2014. 안전놀이터 Park Ji-soo, who showed potential, moved to Gyeongnam FC in 2015 and returned to the K-League. Park Ji-su, who immediately became the nucleus of Gyeongnam’s defense, led the team’s promotion in 2017 and was selected as the K-League 2 Best 11.

His 2018 performance was in full bloom. In particular, the ceremony of resentment after scoring the winning goal against Incheon drew a lot of attention. Park Ji-soo, who was also fierce in the K-League 1, boarded the Bento with a surprise card at the time. In recognition of his performance, he transferred to Guangzhou Hengda, which had left Kim Young-kwon at the time. The transfer fee alone exceeded 2 billion won. Park Ji-soo showed a good appearance in China, led the team to victory, and steadily posted his name on the national team.

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