Blood doesn’t fool the eyes… ‘Kim Jee-un’s’ Beckham’s second son to model uniforms

Romeo Beckham is the face of Brentford’s jersey.

Romeo is the second son of England and Manchester United legend David Beckham. He chose to follow in his father’s footsteps, and while he’s not quite as good as his father, he’s working his way up. After starting out with Arsenal’s youth team, Romeo made his professional debut for Inter Miami, where his father is the owner, and spent time on loan with Brentford’s B team during the winter transfer window earlier this year. At the end of the season, he made a permanent move to Brentford in June.

One of the things that Romeo definitely got from his father is his good looks. Beckham has been known for his good looks since he was a young boy. It’s even been said that his looks overshadowed his skills. His children are also famous for taking after their father and mother, Victoria Beckham, and Brentford have used Romeo’s looks to good effect 메이저사이트.

Brentford recently unveiled the uniform designs that the players will wear next season. The overall design is similar. It’s a mix of red and white, Brentford’s signature colors, and like last season, it’s based on vertical stripes. The sponsors were also the same as last season. But there was one thing that stood out. The model promoting the Brentford jersey was Romeo.

Usually when you unveil a uniform design, it’s usually modeled after one of the team’s key players, but Brentford chose Romeo as their main model. The intention was clear. They wanted to capitalize on Romeo’s fame. Romeo will play for Brentford’s B team. He won’t be a key player on the team, but in terms of fame, he might be better than the players who play for Brentford’s first team. He’s also been a model since childhood, so he’s no stranger to modeling jerseys.

Romeo is also a teammate of Kim Ji-soo, who recently joined Brentford. Kim Ji-soo is a South Korean defensive prospect who was highly sought after at a young age, both in the K League and overseas. Brentford moved aggressively to acquire Kim Ji-soo, paying Seongnam FC a buyout to acquire Kim Ji-soo, who recently moved to England and is expected to slowly build his skills with Brentford.

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