‘Bridge role’ Chae Kwang-hoon, “The goal is always promotion… I will do my best”

Seoul E-Land FC and Chae Kwang-hun looking for promotion. The synergy created by the club armed with earnestness and the players who are ready to devote themselves is starting to spark.

The bridging role is always burdensome. You have to push the seniors from behind and lead the juniors from the front. 카지노 The same goes for the cold-hearted professional stage, which is evaluated based on its skills. Although he is busy refining himself, he pays more attention to things and devotes himself to his colleagues.

Chae Kwang-hun, who newly joined Seoul E-Land, is expected to serve as a bridge. For consolation, there are veteran seniors such as captain Kim In-seong, Kim Jin-hwan, Han Yong-soo, Kim Seon-min, and Kim Won-sik. Below, Lee Dong-ryul, Kim Jung-hyun, Kim Jin-hyeok, and Park Joon-young, among others, are watching. Chae Kwang-hoon takes on the role of a middle leg at E-Land, Seoul, which dreams of ‘unconditional promotion’.

Chae Kwang-hoon made his professional debut in 2016 when he joined FC Anyang. Chae Kwang-hoon, who had been active as a key member for four seasons, also played K-League 1 when he moved to Gangwon FC in 2020. Last year, while playing for Gyeongnam FC, he added strength to ‘severe diarrhea’. He was well-received for his versatility and sharp kicking power, capable of playing both left and right fullbacks as well as midfielders.

Ahead of the new season, Seoul E-Land reinforced its defense by recruiting veteran Chae Kwang-hun, who has played 120 professional games. Both the club and the players are armed with a determined determination and are running toward the same goal of promotion. ‘Inter Football’ conducted a phone interview with Chae Kwang-hoon, who was sweating while training in Jeju Island.

Almost a month has passed since they built a new nest in E-Land, Seoul. First, Chae Kwang-hoon asked about the problem of adaptation that any professional faces, “At first, it was difficult because there was no player I knew, but as I trained, I became close. I can’t go out often because of the corona, but I got closer by eating together and talking in the room. Adaptation is complete.” and started the interview.

Chae Kwang-hun, who joined Seoul E-Land, first met director Jeong Jeong-yong as a priest. Chae Kwang-hoon continued, “The offense and defense conversion is very fast. It seems to fit well because I prefer that part myself. I think the part that takes the tempo quickly is also good. went.

With the field training nearing its end, head coach Jeong Jeong-yong is planning to focus on multiplayer Chae Kwang-hoon as a side fullback. Chae Kwang-hoon explained, “I am confident because I have played fullback while playing football. In the midfield, there are (Kim) Seon-Min and (Kim) Won-Sik, so I don’t think he will go up there.” 카지노

Chae Kwang-hun now wears clothes with confidence. Regarding his teamwork with fellow defenders, he said, “We’re getting along better than I thought. I think I get along a little well with (Lee) Jae-Ik on my line, (Lee) Dong-Ryul (Lee), and (Park) Tae-Jun on my line. I think we got along a little faster when we shared “.”

Coincidentally, Chae Kwang-hoon faces Gyeongnam, his former team, in the opening game. Last season, he played a key role in Gyeongnam, so he must be more impressed. Chae Gwang-hoon, who said he kept in touch with his colleague Kim Young-chan during his time in Gyeongnam, laughed, saying, “Why is it that we are the first game?”

Chae Kwang-hoon said, “I want to win unconditionally” about the upcoming Gyeongnam game, and then said, “I will take a break for two weeks after the first round Gyeongnam game. compacted

He also shared his personal goals for the new season. Chae Gwang-hoon, who cited his strength with both feet and kicking power, confidently said, “I talked to the coaches. During his playing career, he never scored more than 5 attack points. It could be overkill, but I set it to 10.”

It is the 7th season since his professional debut. Chae Kwang-hoon said, “The second division players always have a goal of promotion. There may be situations where the team is in a bad situation, but I think that as a senior, I have to follow my seniors well and lead my juniors well in order to be promoted. I will do my best in that area.” expressed his determination.

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