Brilliant last dance of KBO genius hitter

Lee Jeong-hoo (Kiwoom) is a genius hitter and the best player representing the KBO League. It is the 2023 season, running again towards the splendid Last Dance.

On February 1, 2022, on the first day of Goheung Spring Camp, Lee Jung-hoo proudly declared that he would advance to the major leagues. At the time, when the reporter directly asked about his dream of playing on the overseas stage, Lee Jung-hoo said clearly that he would go to the major leagues after the 2023 season. He made it clear on the spot that he had no thoughts about Japanese professional baseball.

Lee Jung-hoo did not shout about the major leagues 메이저놀이터 only with words. Through thorough preparation for the season, he won 5 batting crowns, including 2 consecutive batting titles, proving again that he is the best player in the KBO League. At the end of the 2020 season, the current hitting mechanism was established, and it continued into the 2021 season. After the 2021 season, starting individual training with’best friend’ Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres) early on was connected to the 2022 season.

Lee Jung-hoo started individual training early this off-season with Kim Ha-seong and Seoul. As soon as the year changes and her sister gets married, she flies to LA, USA with Lee Eui-ri (KIA), a junior from the same agency, to continue her personal training. She had already signed an annual salary contract of 1.1 billion won.

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