Buchanan and Pirella from NPB are doing well… What should O’Grady and Romero do?

Brian O’Grady (Hanwha), who played for the Seibu Lions of the Japanese professional baseball last year, suffered endless sluggishness and was eliminated from the first team entry.

O’Grady, who became a new member of the Hanwha team this season, appeared in 17 games, but his batting average was only 102.7 (8 hits in 63 at-bats). Since the opening, he has never tasted his hands, and his strikeouts are 31, ranking first in this category. The Hanwha bench did not sit idle any longer. On the 23rd, ahead of the match against LG in Daejeon, O’Grady was canceled from the first team entry.

Head coach Carlos Subero said, “I haven’t decided when O’Gredi will be called up to the first team. The biggest goal is to go down to the second team and clear my mind, and I asked him to do so. I hope it fills up a lot,” he said.

“It was a decision for the player, and the player also understood why he had to go down to the second team. Because he is a mature player, he will do what he has to do in Seosan, and if he finds confidence in the plate, he will always be able to see him in the first team.” added.

Japanese sports media ‘Full Count’ reported on the 26th that “O’Grady, who played for the Seibu Lions last year, is having a tough season.” The media pointed out O’Grady’s lack of ability to deal with breaking balls. 카지노사이트

Hanwha recruited O’Grady and Birch Smith (pitcher) from the Japanese professional baseball this season. As he experienced Asian baseball, he expected that he would successfully settle down on the domestic stage.

SSG Ennie Romero is no different from O’Grady and Smith. The media also pointed out, “Eni Romero, who played for Chunichi Dragons and Chiba Lotte Marines, was expected to be the ace of ‘defending champion’ SSG, but has not yet stepped on the mound due to a shoulder injury.”

‘Full Count’ said, “There are success stories of foreign players from Japanese professional baseball, such as Jose Pirella (former Hiroshima Toyo Carp) and David Buchanan (former Yakult Swallows), who are active in Samsung, but those who made their debut on the Korean stage this season They are being forced to suffer,” he said.

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