Championship MVP Han player “I will do it until I’m 42”

“The goal is to win 4 consecutive games.” I’ve reached the top, but I’m looking at a higher place. Setter Han Seon-seon (38), who led Korean Air to victory for the third consecutive year, showed his will for tomorrow.

Player Han scored a set score of 3-2 (23-25, 13-25, 25-22, 25-17, 15 -11) led to victory. Korean Air opened the era of the ‘air dynasty’ by winning the combined championship for three consecutive years and even achieving the treble (cup competition, regular league, championship match).

Player Han received 23 out of 31 votes in the reporters’ vote, beating Lincoln Williams (7 votes) and Jung Ji-seok (1 vote). It is the second championship MVP following the 2017-18 season. One player said, “I never thought that I would receive a prize. After a long time, I receive an award like this. It’s good, but winning the championship is better.” 메이저놀이터

Jung Ji-seok said, “I didn’t think that player-hyung would receive it. In this series, player-hyung suffered a lot in many ways. Hyundai Capital tried to shake us with a serve, but players who were not in the center position came in and hit the serve. Player-hyung won with a running set. I had a hard time making a block. Other players must have been greedy,” he said, “looking at the prize money, I decided that I should lead them to a dinner party.”

Korean Air gave two sets first, but succeeded in overturning them. One player said, “I believed in the players. I thought I could do it. I started again with the thought of the first set. All the players had the same mind, so I won.” Director Tommy Tillikainen thanked him, saying, “You worked hard. A friend.”

A player is not only the commander of the court, but also the captain. He said, “Because I’m the captain, I have to lead. I have a lot of responsibility to communicate with the players and carry them. It’s still growing. I think the current team was created as the young players grew older and understood and supported me little by little.” In a broadcast interview ,

player Han blushed. He said, “I think I’m getting older. It’s tough every year, but it’s different. It’s different to feel. Think about how to finish. One year, one year, I plan to do my best. I am grateful to be playing volleyball on the court now,” he said.

“My goal is to be 42 years old. I want to build a body that can run as hard as possible until then. I think I should hold on well. he has He said, “I think it is the end of my volleyball life,” and said, “I have a strong will to win 4 consecutive championships,” which no team has achieved.

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