Chungnam Asan fans gathered outside the stadium amid a losing streak…’Celebration party’ not ‘blockade’ → “We will believe and wait”

The Chungnam Asan supporters were ready to wait out the slump. Instead, they organized an event for head coach Park Dong-hyuk to celebrate and show their support.

Chungnam Asan lost 0-1 to Gyeongnam FC in the 29th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 at 7 p.m. on the 29th at Yi Sunshin Sports Complex. The loss was the second straight for Chungnam Asan, which further depressed the team’s mood.

They conceded in the 18th minute to Lee Chan-wook. Chungnam Asan pushed forward in the attack, but inaccurate linkages continued and their decisiveness dropped significantly. In the second half, the team made a change to bring Kim Hye-sung up front, but it didn’t have much effect. In the end, Chungnam Asan left the field with their heads down as they lost 0-1. Coach Park Dong-hyuk’s face was grim as the team tried to make up for the 0-4 defeat against Gimcheon Commerce but failed to win in a disappointing performance.

Chungnam Asan suffered their second straight defeat after a good run of form, going unbeaten in three matches as their defense improved after the signing of Lee Jae-sung. They need to continue their unbeaten run in the third round robin to move into the playoffs, but they lost their second straight game. The only thing worse than losing back-to-back games is going scoreless. The lack of finishing in the offense is frustrating. Coach Park Dong-hyuk has a lot on his mind.

In the post-match press conference, Park said, “The players’ mindset of trying to do something despite the difficulties came out on the field. This result came about because I was not good enough. The result is bad compared to the players’ efforts. We are not lucky. I think there will be a chance to rebound. I think we’ll have a chance to rebound. All the team members need to find their form. It’s important to be committed to the players and make sure they do well. This is what happened because of me. I’m upset and angry. I need to get myself together,” he said, blaming himself before the players. 바카라사이트

He also said, “I’ve been training to create goals, but I’m upset that it didn’t happen. It is also necessary to create goals with individual abilities. I’m not where I want to be, and my confidence is down. I am responsible for the results. The players have to show it on the field. I will try to help them do better,” he said, emphasizing that he is responsible for the results. It was a statement of intent.

The press conference wrapped up and the ground lights went out. Outside the stadium, Chungnam Asan supporters ‘Armada’ had gathered. They were not there to express their dissatisfaction with the disappointing performance, but rather to congratulate the team. Park Dong-hyuk celebrated his 200th game as head coach against Gimcheon. The Gyeongnam game was his 201st. All 201 games as a head coach were played in Asan, Chungnam. Since Gimcheon was an away game, Armada celebrated at home.

Along with the party, Armada presented him with a tie that he bought with the money he collected from the 10:00 general. Coach Park Dong-hyuk apologized to the fans, but Armada responded, “We believe in you! We will wait for you.” After receiving the gift, Park Dong-hyuk expressed his gratitude, took a group photo with the fans, and left in good spirits.

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