‘Controversy, controversy, controversy’ Klinsmann to train 450 kilometers away in London… again

The United States soccer team travels to London for a training camp farther than the distance between Seoul and Busan.

After a lethargic 0-0 draw against Wales, the national soccer team traveled to London.

The team is scheduled to play the second of two European friendlies against Saudi Arabia at St. James’ Park in Newcastle, England, on March 13.

But the training location is a surprise. The team is supposed to train in Newcastle, but will play in London. Newcastle and London are 282 miles (453 kilometers) apart. That’s more than the distance between Seoul and Busan.

It’s still a mystery why they chose to base camp in London, even though they will be traveling by chartered flight the day before the game. It’s not typical.

The suddenness of training in London has also raised questions about why the team is training there.

It’s a way for Klinsmann to get to the Legends Match between Chelsea and Bayern Munich.

Klinsmann was named to the roster for the Chelsea-Bayern Munich Legends Match in London on Tuesday. The controversy grew. The national team manager’s off-field activities in the middle of an A-match.

Chelsea-Bayern Munich’s participation in the Legends Match is difficult to comprehend, even for a Western mindset.

The national team’s Brentford training center is about 25 minutes from Stamford Bridge, where the Legends Match will take place, so there is a growing suspicion that the team is traveling to London to attend this charity match.

Klinsmann’s name appears on Bayern Munich’s squad list for the charity match against Chelsea.

“Klinsmann will not be playing in the Legends Match,” the Football Association said after the list was published. It was not a consideration.”

Of course, the possibility of his participation has been raised again, but Klinsmann will not be playing for now.

A senior Football Association official added: “The decision to move the training ground to London rather than Newcastle was made because we had a game scheduled before we played Saudi Arabia. It was not in Newcastle at the time. After the match with Saudi Arabia was decided, we arranged for accommodation and training in Newcastle, but it was difficult to change suddenly due to local circumstances.”

“As for why the training center was far away, it was difficult to change something that was planned in advance, and as a result, we decided to take a chartered flight the day before the game.” 메이저놀이터

The far-flung training grounds have also sparked controversy. The team needs a win and a different performance to silence the controversy.

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