Director Hong Myung-bo’s scary phone call

Seol Young-woo (24) was trembling at the time he received the phone call, which must have made him very happy.

He is Seol Young-woo, a left-back born in 1998 for Ulsan Hyundai. In the meantime, he has performed outstandingly in the K-League, but has not been able to form a relationship with the national team. However, after Kim Jin-su (30) was injured, head coach Jürgen Klinsmann (58) suddenly selected Seol Young-woo, and he was wearing the national team uniform for the first time. 온라인카지노

On the 25th, Seol Young-woo heard the news of his selection. On the 26th, at the Paju National Team Training Center, an STN Sports reporter asked, “Can you tell us more about the situation you heard about your selection?”

Seol Young-woo was in training in the morning when he heard the news of his selection. In response to an unexpected phone call from director Hong Myung-bo, Seol Young-woo confided that he was ahead of his worries. He said, “(Director of Ulsan Hyundai) Hong Myung-bo is not the type to personally call. But he called and said, ‘Run quickly.’ took off

However, the reason director Hong Myung-bo called Seol Young-woo was not to scold him, but to congratulate him. Seol Young-woo said, “When I went to the coach, he congratulated me that I had been selected for the national team and contacted me. I couldn’t tell if it was a dream or a reality. When I went to the coach, he said something harsh like ‘This is Shay’ and congratulated me.”

Coach Hong Myung-bo, a legend of the national team as well as Ulsan coach, did not forget to give advice to his beloved student. Seol Young-woo added, “The director said, “Don’t show off as an idiot and do well. Don’t be nervous and do what you do. If you try to do something, you can’t do it, so do what you do.”

How did Seol Young-woo feel when the phone call, which was supposed to be of endless concern, turned into joy? I can’t even guess Aspiring to become Korea’s top left-back with the opposite foot to succeed Lee Young-pyo (45), he was taking his first step.

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