Director Ki-il Nam Ki-il is pleased with Jeju’s three foreign musketeers dressed up in hanbok.

Not only proven performance but also optimal localization. A trio of foreign players, Heis-Yuri-Ling, of the ‘Eastern courtesy country’, made the manager Nam Ki-il and Jeju fans happy by showing up to three times in celebration of the Lunar New Year’s Day.

The Brazilian duo Hays and Yuri, whom Jeju ambitiously recruited in the transfer market this winter, are quickly integrating into the team with extraordinary adaptability. ‘Brother’ Hayes, who played a big role (16 goals, 9 assists) on the K League 1 and K League 2 stages for the past two seasons at Gwangju FC, is giving Yuri advice on Korean sentiment and culture in general, and he is the ‘younger brother’. Thanks to Hayes’ advice, Yuri is improving her understanding and adaptability to Korea.

Their chemistry stood out during the official process of Hayes recruitment. Recruited players who take on new challenges in Jeju in the 2023 season are with dream soccer players dreaming of future professional soccer players in Jeju. Prior to the announcement of the recruitment, the players directly visit not only the school soccer clubs in Jeju Island, but also the soccer prospects who visited Jeju Island for field training to participate in team training. The so-called ‘Dream Tree Official’. Hayes visited the Jeju U-12 youth team and conducted the ‘Dream Tree Official’, accompanied by Yuri.

Hayes and Yuri directly encouraged young players in Korean, such as “Let’s go, let’s go, fighting”. After training, they held an impromptu fan signing event together. In particular, he earned points by treating the coaching staff and parents politely. Yuri approached Hayes, who was eagerly signing autographs, and showed respect by saying “Please autograph” in Korean. The players and parents who watched this raised their thumbs up, 스포츠토토 saying that they are players worthy of the ‘Eastern Country of Courtesy’.

The performance of foreign players of the ‘Oriental courtesy country type’ is also shining in the field training in Thailand. Even Ling Doryeong from Sweden, who was in his second year in the K-League, joined the team. Celebrating New Year’s Day, a trio of foreign players dressed up in hanbok, enjoying traditional Korean traditional clothing, and hearing about the origin and meaning of New Year’s Day and how to do it three times, started planning a surprise event on their own.

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