England National Federation of Livestock Association “clubs neglecting homophobic supporters will be held legally accountable”

The English Football Association (FA) has warned that it will take legal action so that supporters shouting homophobic slogans as well as the clubs concerned can be charged with hate crimes by holding them accountable for management.

The FA sent an official letter to all English men’s and women’s professional football leagues on the 11th (local time), saying, “Fans can officially punish any club that behaves discriminatoryly,” the BBC reported.

This rule applies 카지노 whether playing home or away, and going forward all clubs in England must ensure that spectators behave appropriately.

This action comes after some supporters of Manchester City and Nottingham Forest in a recent match mocked Chelsea, their opposing team, as ‘rent boys’ (prostitute male homosexuals).

The FA is investigating allegations that some Manchester City fans chanted homophobic slogans during the FA Cup match against Chelsea on the 8th. The association said earlier on the 7th that it would meet and talk with Manchester United officials about some Manchester United supporters shouting similar slogans toward Everton manager Frank Lampard from Chelsea.

The slogan became a mockery of Chelsea in the 1980s when tabloid reports spread that a homophobic Chelsea hooligan was found in bed with a ‘Rent Boy’.

“Rent Boy” was also abused as a slogan mocking players who transferred to Chelsea. Since 2003, when Chelsea was acquired by Russian oil tycoon Roman Abramovich, they have recruited big star players one after another, using their capital. Regarding the players recruited in this way, some supporters of the opposing team have criticized them as rent boys who will do anything for money.

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