Excuse me, did Kane say anything wrong?

Harry Kane (Bayern Munich) is being attacked indiscriminately by Tottenham fans.

Tottenham fans believe that Kane, a Tottenham “legend,” has demeaned the club. They accuse him of disrespecting his former club and label him a “traitor” for not showing respect.

What on earth did Kane say?

While with the England squad for the Euro 2024 qualifiers, Kane spoke to the British media for the first time since his move to Bayern Munich. It was here that he made some controversial comments that have Tottenham fans up in arms.

Here are the key quotes

“If you want to progress, you have to play at the highest level. You have to fight for the UEFA Champions League (UCL) with the best players in the world. It will help me develop on a bigger stage and play at a higher level. There’s a big difference between going into the UCL as one of the favorites and just going into the competition hoping to get through the group stage.”

“We wanted to win at Tottenham, but it’s not a disaster if we don’t win a few games. At Bayern Munich, you have to win every game. That’s what makes you feel like you’ve moved to the best club in the world. There is a different pressure than I felt at Tottenham.”

Is there a single word in Kane’s statement that is incorrect? None. He’s right from start to finish.

Why are Tottenham fans so outraged by a statement that doesn’t say anything wrong? It hits the nail on the head. There was no logic to refute it. So there was nothing to do but get angry.

Kane’s comments clearly indicate that Bayern Munich is a better club than Tottenham. As individuals and as a team, yes. It’s irrefutable logic, indisputable fact.

It’s common sense that you need to play at the highest level to develop. It’s no secret to soccer fans around the world that Bayern Munich is at a higher level. Bayern Munich is the club playing for the UCL title, not Tottenham.

Bayern Munich is a big club that everyone recognizes. With big clubs comes big competition. Naturally, the meaning and standards of victory are different. It’s a big competition that only players in big clubs can feel. He explained that he didn’t feel that at Tottenham. That’s why players in big clubs are held in higher esteem. That’s why so many players want to play for big clubs. It’s natural. What went wrong.

Kane is to blame for Tottenham’s lack of success in the League Cup and UCL finals? You could argue that, but Elling Holland is also to blame. He’s done very little since the UCL quarterfinals last season. He didn’t even score a goal. But Manchester City won the title.

You don’t win titles alone, you win them together. It’s a team thing. And they completely ignored Kane’s role and help in getting to the final. And without Kane, would they have made it to the final?

Do I have to lie because he’s a Tottenham legend? Should I have said it was an equal club so as not to offend Tottenham fans? Don’t take it personally, don’t swear, but rather listen, reflect, and take time to be realistic.

You played 13 seasons for Tottenham and are the club’s all-time leading goalscorer. Kane is known for his love for Tottenham. When he says something like this, it’s not a knock on Tottenham, it’s a reality check. For the betterment and hope of the team that was everything to him. He can say this because he cares. Because he knows the real Tottenham. 

If I had to make a comparison between Bayern Munich and Tottenham.

Bayern Munich is an ‘absolute master’. There are a lot of big clubs in Europe, but there are only a handful of ‘absolute masters’. There are teams that are steeped in history and tradition and have the respect and admiration of all teams and leagues. They are in a different class than the big clubs, they are the absolutes. Bayern Munich and Spain’s Real Madrid are among the “absolutes”. 

These “absolutes” have an awe-inspiring history and tradition.

Bayern Munich was founded in 1900. With 33 Bundesliga titles, they’re unsurprisingly number one. Until last season, they were the first team in Europe to win 11 consecutive league titles. They’ve also won the Champions League with 20 titles. The Bundesliga has been described as a league where 22 people play with one ball and Bayern Munich wins 스포츠토토.

With six UCL titles, Bayern Munich leads Germany. In all of Europe, it ranks third behind Real Madrid (14) and AC Milan (7). We’ve won the league, FA Cup, and UCL twice. Only Bayern Munich and Barcelona have done it twice in European soccer history.

Three Ballon d’Or winners. Gert Müller, Frenz Beckenbauer, and Karlheinz Rumenigge. Beckenbauer and Rummenigge won two Ballon d’Ors. That brings Bayern Munich’s total to five Ballon d’Ors. When Germany won the World Cup, most of the players on the German national team were with Bayern Munich.

Tottenham last won the top flight in the 1960-61 season, 63 years ago. They’ve won the title twice in total, including the 1950-51 season. They last won the League Cup in 2007-08, 16 years ago. No UCL titles. No Ballon d’Or winners. In short, it’s not a big club at all. Even the EPL’s big six are in jeopardy. It’s a club whose strength is dwindling under Daniel Levy’s bizarre strategy.

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