‘Fan heart’ Tottenham? ‘Best’ real? ‘Wealth’ Chelsea?… Nagelsmann’s future ‘Duckling’

Director Julian Nagelsmann quickly became the hottest director for sale. While several clubs are paying attention, his next destination is still unknown.

Director Julian Nagelsmann has been sacked. Munich announced on its official website on the 25th (Korean time) that “the club has sent coach Nagelsmann and appointed Tuchel as the new coach.”

It’s a shocking command tower replacement. Coach Nagelsmann is a leader who has been acclaimed for his tactical ideas and the introduction of modern technology through Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig. He was a leader enough to entrust the future to, even considering that he lost the match against Bayer 04 Leverkusen and lost to Borussia Dortmund at the top of the league.

Nonetheless, he made a bold decision. Munich is facing Manchester City in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) as well as Dortmund in the league ‘Der Klassiker’. Feeling the need for an experienced coach at a crucial time, Munich sacked coach Nagelsmann after losing to Villarreal in the UCL quarterfinals last season.

For Tottenham, this is an opportunity to recruit a manager they have been interested in for a long time. Tottenham have been keeping an eye on Nagelsmann since firing manager Jose Mourinho in 2021, and want a fresh leader to give the team an aggressive color. Nagelsmann, who has boasted original ideas, quick offense and defense conversions, and astounding tactical range since starting his first coaching job at the age of 28, is the perfect fit.

You can also use ‘Fansim’. According to the British ‘Telegraph’, coach Nagelsmann is a Tottenham fan so much that he owns a Tottenham replica. It is known that at the time he joined the club after watching coach Mauricio Pochettino’s football.

However, competitors are also fierce. First, there is Real Madrid. Real Madrid is also known to be a longtime fan of coach Nagelsmann. I had already made an offer to coach Nagelsmann once in 2018, but was rejected. At the time, he explained the reason, “When I go to Real Madrid, I don’t have time to develop as a manager. I have to be the best already.” 스포츠토토

There is no reason not to go now. Last season, coach Nagelsmann, he entered Munich, a long-awaited move. Munich is also one of the best clubs, so it is not strange to interpret that Nagelsmann thinks of himself as a stage of completion to some extent. If Real Madrid sack manager Carlo Ancelotti, it is highly likely that Nagelsmann will be contacted first.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is also being mentioned. Chelsea have maintained steady trust even in the midst of the sluggish manager Graham Porter. Owner Todd Boelli will also offer Porter a full pre-season and transfer opportunity.

Even so, I can’t help but salivate. The British ‘Football Insider’ said on the 25th, “Chelsea is watching Tottenham’s goal, coach Nagelsmann. They are also watching Nagelsmann’s future plans in preparation for a ‘shock’ decision this summer.” However, if the team fails to advance to the UCL despite Chelsea’s financial strength, the ‘director hijacking’ plan is highly likely to go to waste.

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