“First place Serpot? Ouch, you don’t deserve it.”

Genji “Delight” Yoo Hwan-joong smiles as the tank supporters start to come up in patch 13.12. He’s reading the patch notes with delight, as he’s known for his mastery of tank supporters like Leona, Nautilus and Alistar.

Genji swept Hanwha Sinsung 2-0 in the fourth week of the regular season of the 2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK) Summer at the LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul, on April 2. The team remained atop the league standings with an unchanged record of 8-0 (+13) after the opening day.

Yoo Hwan-joong earned his first POG of the season after a series of spectacular initiations with his laner in the first set. Speaking to Kookmin Ilbo after the game, he said, “We’re one step closer to winning the entire regular season. I’m even happier because I think we played well 안전놀이터.”

“I paid a lot of attention to the bottom bans,” he said in preparation for the game. “I think the bottom tier cleanup in patch 13.12 is 70-80% complete,” he said, “Kaisa and Samira have become an emerging meta. Tank support is also starting to make a comeback, giving us more champions to play in the bottom lane.”

Yoo Hwan-joong, who has been playing tank support since his days on OK Savings Bank Brion, is happy to see this meta. “At first, I didn’t feel welcomed, but after practicing, I realized that the tank meta is fun,” he said. “There are more things for the support to do, such as map domination and initiative.”

Nowadays, the Genji Bottom duo is recognized as the team’s primary carry option. Yoo credits communication with his partner as the key to his success. “My communication with Kim ‘Phase’ Soo-hwan has increased. We often coordinate our opinions, and we have good chemistry.”

“The ‘Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)’ experience was also a good fertilizer. We absorbed the experience and worked out the kinks, which will help us a lot going into the summer season. We learned a lot from watching the top teams around the world and reviewing our problems.”

But he’s not going to get complacent. “I’m not going to care about how many supporters I have in the league, it’s nice to hear that, but I don’t think it’s deserved,” he said.

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