Former Dragons players meet baby dragon who says ‘grow up’

The Jeonnam Dragons met the ‘baby dragons’.

For the sake of happy children in Jeollanam-do, the Jeonnam Dragons held a soccer clinic with players from the Little Dragons 2023 children’s soccer class.

The enthusiasm was overwhelming. The program was so popular that all programs were fully booked in just one day of recruitment.

300 Little Dragons players and parents joined the squad for a soccer program, autograph session, and photo time.

토토 The Little Dragons were joined by FWs Valdivia, Plana, Mikichi, Choo Sang-hoon, Noh Gun-woo, and Kim Gun-oh, as well as MFs Huh Kwon, Yoo Hei-hei, and Jung Ho-jin. In addition, DFs Choi Hee-won, Asnawi, Lee Kyu-hyuk, Yu Ji-ha, and Hong Seok-hyun, and GKs Ahn Jun-soo and Choi Bong-jin were joined by a full complement of Jeonnam players.

“I remember my childhood when I first started playing soccer,” said captain Lee Hoo-kwon, who joined the Little Dragons soccer clinic, “I hope that the Little Dragons players will grow up to become soccer players and represent the Jeonnam Dragons and Korea.” He shared his dreams and hopes with the young players.

The 2023 Little Dragons Soccer Class, which takes place every Saturday morning at Songjuk Stadium in Gwangyang, is not only a soccer program, but also offers a variety of other benefits such as player escort experiences, home games, and soccer clinic events.

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