‘Found a new job’ Former KT foreign players, a new start in the G League

Foreign players from KT, who were expelled for other reasons, found new jobs relatively quickly. Landry Nnoko and Jei Anoshike both play in the G League.
Suwon KT, which stayed in the lower ranks, raised the number of wins to advance to the playoffs in the 2022-2023 season in December of last year. Both Nnoko and Anoshike were kicked out. Instead of them, Jarrod Jones and Lester Prosper wore the KT uniform, and KT is currently ranked 7th with 17 wins and 21 losses.

other reasons. Simply put, it is an exit due to lack of skills. Anoshike led KT to victory in the cup competition and was selected as the MVP, raising expectations, but showed ups and downs after the opening of the regular season. He averaged 13.7 points on 1.6 3-pointers and 5.9 rebounds in 22 games. He scored 30 or more points twice, but his field goal percentage was only 38.4% due to excessive shot selection.

At least Anoshike had a “popping day,” but Eunnoko only averaged 5.6 points and 5.1 rebounds in 20 games. Contrary to coach Seo Dong-cheol’s expectations, his defensive power was not powerful, and his one-on-one ability was clearly limited. Surprisingly, he was a foreign player signed with the 1st option.

It was Anoshike who first found a new job. On the 2nd, he signed a contract with the Salt Lake City Stars under the Utah Jazz. On the 4th, he also played his first game against the Houston Rockets’ Rio Grande Valley Vipers. Anoshike, who played as a substitute, recorded 4 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists in 14 minutes. It was a relatively short time, but he committed 4 fouls.

Eunnoko also continues her career in the G League. On the 4th, he signed a contract with Ignite for the remainder of the 2022-2023 season. Ignite said on the club’s official website, “Nnoko was the defender of the year in the 2017-2018 season of the G League. 메이저놀이터 Over the past 7 years, he has accumulated a lot of experience through the G League and overseas leagues, and will give him strength like a veteran. He most recently played for KBL Suwon KT.”
Founded in 2020, Ignite has a relatively short history, but it is a team that prospects aiming for the NBA stage are constantly looking for. Most of them are NBA veterans and high school graduates.

Jaylen Green (Houston) and Jonathan Cuminga (Golden State) became NBA leaguers through Ignite. Filipino prospect Kai Soto also once worked for Ignite, and last year was known as a team that was interested in Yeo Jun-seok. Currently, American point guard Scoot Henderson, who is in the limelight as a prospect along with Victor Wembanyama, belongs to the team.

Nnoko also played her first game in the G League. On the 5th, Nnoko played as a substitute against the South Bay Lakers under the Los Angeles Lakers and recorded 4 points and 4 rebounds in 11 minutes.

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