Gayoung Kim – Hyunji Yong, Throng – Jungsook Lim – Minah Kim, Mirae Mi – Sakai, Yeeun Kim – Aerin Jeon Round of 32 clash – Wellbang LPBA Championship

Kim Ga-young passed the round of 64 with first place overall. Kim Bo-mi climbed into the round of 32 survival match with the highest score of 101 points. Hyunji Yong ranked third in the round of 64 with the most points scored. Lee Mi-rae turned around from the edge of the cliff with a series of Mak-Q.

In the round of 64 (Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center) of the ‘2023 Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang LPBA Championship’ held on the 17th, Kim Ga-young broke 7 consecutive hits in the last cue and rose to the round of 32 with first place overall. 토토사이트

Kim Ga-young will rise and fall in the 100-point range in the round of 64 and face Yong Hyun-ji, who took second place, in the round of 32 survival match. She will fight for two spots going to the 16th overall, with Park Ji-hyeon in 16th and Kim Gap-seon in 32nd.

When the last inning was left, Hyunji Yong scored 93 points and Gayoung Kim scored 69 points. Yong Hyun-ji scored the highest score of 104 and continued to lead from the second inning. Yong Hyunji’s first place was assured. However, in the last inning, Kim Ga-young shot 7 consecutive hits and overtook Yong Hyun-ji in an instant. It was 90:86. Kim Ga-young ranked first overall with an average of 1.400, and Yong Hyun-ji ranked second with an average of 1.350. Bomi Kim, who scored 101 points, was third with 1.333. However, Hyunji Yong was ranked 2nd in the group, so he was ranked 17th when the round of 32 was formed, so he entered Group 1 with 1st – 16th – 17th – 32nd. Kim Bo-mi, who scored the most, fights with Lee Hyang-joo, Song Min-jung, and Lee Mari. Song Min-jung defeated Higashiuchi, the champion of the 5th High1 Championship, and Lee Hyang-joo caught Kim Se-yeon, who won three gold medals. Lee Mi-rae, who finished second with two last cue hits, met Mark in 21st place, Ayako Sakai in 5th place, Jeong Bo-ra in 12th place, and Sang-ah Kim in 28th place. Throng Piabi’s 6th group is the champion group. He is the defending champion and fights with 4 gold medal winners Lim Jung-sook and Kim Min-ah. The highest ranking in Group 6 is Jang Hye-ri at 6th place. She took first place in the group, pushing Minjoo Baek to second place. .

Kim Ye-eun, the runner-up in the previous tournament, was in last place in Group 7. Jeon Ae-rin, from Team League, and Han Seul-gi and Oh Ji-yeon, talented talented players, compete for two spots in the round of 16. Oh Ji-yeon dropped Choi Hye-mi.

Hida Ori will play Hong Yeon-jeong, Kim Min-young and So Ji-hye in the round of 32. Kim Min-young pushed Kang Ji-eun, who won two gold medals, to the third place.

After adapting to the survival battle, Kim Jin-ah fights with Lim Gyeong-jin, Oh Su-jeong, and Son Su-min. Oh Soo-jung eliminated Lee Woo-kyung in the quarterfinals of the previous tournament.

The previous runner-up, Min-joo Baek, will compete against Eun-young Jeong, Su-bin Jeong, and Ji-yeon Lee (A) for the round of 16.

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