Golf level… What’s the difference between a champion?

It is on the side of Judan (珠道有段). What does the lead group mean? this! You must be a reader who missed the first episode of Baepsae Kim Yong-jun’s professional column. It means that there is a water supply in playing golf. I would like to explain it longer, but space is limited. Please come and find the first golf adventure of Yongjun Kim. how do you find it If you type ‘leadership team Kim Yong-joon’ in the search bar of an Internet portal site, the first column of Ilgan Sports actually appears. In the last episode, I explained the origin of the word Judoyudan. I released 9th grade to 1st grade. Now, I will introduce the ranks of the masters from the first to the ninth dan. go right in

The first stage is Aeju (愛珠). Is there any reader who does not know that love is growing up! It is a person who opened his eyes to a new life after tasting golf.

The second stage is the Giju (嗜珠). When it is said to be a favorite food, it is the ‘gi’ character. So what kind of ‘ki’ is that? Hmmmm, where did you put the piece of jade? Regardless, Kiju means a person who is in love with the delicacy of golf. When asked what my hobby is, without hesitation, I would say golf is already at this stage.

The 3rd stage is Tamjou (耽珠). When it comes to indulging, it is the character ‘tam’. He is a person who has fallen in love with the truth that golf shows. If you start discussing the course and strategy beyond the golf swing, you can say that you have reached this point. From the 3rd level ‘Suju (睡珠)’ to the 3rd level ‘Tamju’ belong to the medium water.

From now on, it is the state of constant.

The 4th bullet is runaway. It is a ‘wide’ character that means rough. Refers to a person who practices golf intensely. If you are a person who practices like crazy, you are running out of control. How often and for how long do readers practice? Have you ever practiced and lay down all day? If you want to be qualified to teach others how to play golf, you will have to become a runaway. In other arts, shouldn’t you be a master at 4th dan or higher?

The fifth stage is a long pole. It is the character ‘Jang’ on the road. It refers to a person who is obsessed with golf. He is a person who plays golf for days and days. Even if you can’t play every day, if you play 36 holes once, you belong to the long run. How many holes did the reader play in a day? I’ve heard that he played up to 144 holes in one day. The head shakes by itself. If you know of more longevity, please let me know.

The sixth tier is a stone pillar. When you say sorry, that ‘seok’ character. He loves golf so much that he takes each stroke seriously. If you are a person who follows the rules and etiquette of golf, you can say Seokju. If you want to be a true golfer, he is a must-have master.

The 7th dan is Nakju (樂珠). It is a ‘rock’ character that will make you happy, a Chinese character that readers will not know. He is a golfer who has reached the point where he can hit well or not. If you are a person who enjoys leisurely with golf, it is 7th gear. It is said that he is a master who has already passed the stage of deciding the winner. The highest level that can be met in the field is Nakju. You’ll find out right away why.

The eighth tier is a crown. It is a ball tube. It refers to a golfer who can no longer hold a golf club because his health does not permit it. If you are a retired golfer who has a calm smile on your face just by watching a golf broadcast, you are an 8th dan. However, golfers who retired too early cannot be included in this category.

The 9th dan is the Pyeju (廢珠). When it comes to abolishing a law, it is the ‘lung’ character. It refers to a person who died while playing golf. It is also called Shinseonju (神仙珠). There is no way that there will be a lungju among current readers. Isn’t it natural? It is said that there is a person who left a will to ask for a golf club to be buried with him when he passed away. 카지노사이트 It’s still a minion, but it’s a level that I can’t even guess as a professional Kim Yong-Jun.

What level or rank are the readers? I want you to put your hand on his chest and answer.

How is a golfer’s grade determined?

First, I would say that it depends on how old he is in playing golf. Second, who your golf friends are is also important. That means you have to go out and make friends with golf. Thirdly, your golfing habits will also affect your water supply. Fourth, the opportunity or motivation to play golf is also a problem. Could it be because of his motive for playing golf that Baepsae Kim is still at the 5th grade of Sangju?

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