Has your winning power weakened? Expressway Corporation Lim Myung-ok “I’m motivated”

“I think it will be more motivating.”

Korea Expressway Corporation Lim Myung-ok (37) drew a line in her ‘worried’ gaze. Just as she overturned expectations and reached the top, she is determined to surpass others’ evaluations this time as well.

Lim Myung-ok attended the 2022-2023 Korean Air Expressway Corporation V-League championship joint celebration held at the Grand Hyatt Incheon on the 24th.

Im Myung-ok, who had a short free time after winning the championship, had colorful nail art painted on her hands. Lim Myung-ok, who has to go back to clean nails once training begins, smiled and said, “I plan to get nail art done again during the championship trip at the end of May.”

The off-season after reaching the top is sweeter. Moreover, in the 2022-2023 season, the road construction achieved a come-from-behind victory that no one had been able to achieve.

No one paid attention to road construction ahead of the season. Most of the road construction was classified as a lower category.

Unexpectedly, the road construction did not fall behind in the ranking competition, going back and forth between 3rd and 4th throughout the season. Highway Corporation, which finished in third place in the regular league, missed expectations even more in the postseason.

After defeating Hyundai E&C in second place and reaching the championship match, he won the 3rd to 5th games in succession even after losing the 1st and 2nd games to Heungkuk Life Insurance, the 1st place in the regular league, and lifted the championship trophy. It is the first time that Korea Expressway Corporation has overturned the series record of 0 wins and 2 losses in previous championship matches and stood at the top.

Im Myung-ok looked back at the evaluation before the season and said, “At that time, I thought that gaze was natural, but on the other hand, one foreign player had changed, so I wondered why they kept looking at us low. I think that motivated me in that way.”

‘That gaze’ that brought Lim Myung-ok and the road construction players closer together may have already started again.

The Korea Expressway Corporation let go of Park Jeong-ah (Pepper Savings Bank) and Jeong Dae-young (GS Caltex), who were the main players in the free agent (FA) market this time.

Lim Myung-ok said, “I feel very sorry. I feel very sorry for Jung-ah, but I think Dae-young unni was relying too much on her will without realizing it. I chatted with her every day on KakaoTalk, and tears came to my eyes.”

As the winning members leave, there are also voices worrying about the weakening of the power of the ‘champion’ road construction. Myung-ok is well aware of this.

However, Im Myung-ok, who has already overcome her concerns and achieved the best results, has no intention of sitting down in this gaze.

Im Myung-ok pointed out, “What I want to tell our players and fans is that ‘Last year was like that’. Even last year, it was a team that no one expected, and there was talk that we would finish 5th or 6th.”

More than any other words, as shown by the ‘result’, I have a strong desire to do it this time too.

Im Myung-ok, who emphasized, “I think I will be more motivated next season than last year”, “I admit that Jung-a and Dae-young played a really important role. But, ‘I want to try without (they), I want to get good results’. I have a goal,” he said, shining his eyes.

She continued, “She thinks Sae-yan will do well as much as Jung-a did well. She tries to trust Sae-yan.”

Lim Myung-ok, as the representative of the road construction team, showed her desire for the ‘congratulation party next year’ on the podium. 메이저놀이터

Im Myung-ok said, “I am honored to be able to attend this event. I will work hard so that I can attend this event together next year.”

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