Hwang Taek’s confidence in spring volleyball, “I have the strength to win no matter who I meet”

“I think the team has improved. Above all, I have gained the strength to win no matter who I meet, even in shaky matches. I don’t think I will lose easily.”

Hwang Taek-eui (27), the main setter of KB Insurance for men’s volleyball, now proudly talks about spring volleyball.

The team’s performance, which once hit rock bottom, has risen to the point of crossing the mid-table.

KB Insurance won a thrilling 3-2 victory after a full set match against KEPCO held at the Uijeongbu Gymnasium on the 9th.

With 3 consecutive wins, 11 wins, 16 losses, and 32 points, KB Insurance is still ranked 6th.

However, in terms of points alone, third place, the minimum requirement for spring volleyball, is now within reach.

3rd place Woori Card recently slowed down with 4 consecutive losses and stayed at 14 wins and 13 losses and 40 points, while KB Insurance pursued with 8 points.

Hu In-jeong (50), coach of KB Insurance, who has always said, “The goal is to playoffs,” said, “The players must have gained confidence. I will do my best in the remaining games to play spring volleyball.”

Instead, there are conditions. The performance of a native striker is desperately needed to support Andres Villena (30, registered name Villena), who returned to the V-League as a substitute foreign player in December of last year.

Coach Hu pointed out, “The left side (outside heater) has to show performance. Hwang Kyung-min and Han Seong-jeong are attackers, but they have to endure in the receive. If the receive is good, it will be easier for setter Hwang Taek-ui to distribute the ball.”

On this day, Villena scored 49 points alone and performed a one-man show to achieve a triple crown (more than 3 points each for back attack, blocking, and serve).

Villena is confident, “I feel that my physical condition is improving every week. I am in good shape, so I ask (setter) Hwang Taek-eui for a ball in a situation where I can hit it. There is no burden on my stamina,” but the rest of the outside hitters help to maximize his attack power. have to give

Villena said, “The important thing for spring volleyball is stability. If we reduce the number of serves and play stably, we will go to the playoffs one step faster.” 카지노사이트

Next week is the real turning point for KB Insurance, which has calmed KEPCO, a ranking competitor.

On the 14th, we will meet Korean Air, the league’s No. 1 team, and on the 18th, we will face off against Hyundai Capital, which is second.

This season, KB Insurance is inferior to Korean Air with 1 win and 3 losses and 4 losses against Hyundai Capital.

If you overcome the hurdle in two games with them, you can take a step closer to spring volleyball.

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