I couldn’t buy Corea, so it’s over? Cohen’s ‘Hyeonjil’ isn’t over yet “I’m interested in Britain”

With the recruitment of Carlos Correa (29, Minnesota Twins), the goal of building a dream team was shattered. However, 토토 it seems the New York Mets’ player shopping isn’t over yet.

John Heyman of the New York Post said on the 11th (Korean time), “The Mets are one of the teams interested in Jack Britton, 36. He was one of the best closers ever during his time with the Baltimore Orioles under manager Buck Showalter and was the Mets’ dome. I also have a close relationship with Coach Chitty.”

Britton is a veteran reliever with 154 career saves. After debuting in Baltimore in 2011, he failed to stand out as a starting pitcher, but after turning into a reliever in 2014, he transformed into the best guardian in the league. He posted a 1.65 earned run average with 37 saves and 7 holds in 2014, and a 1.92 earned run average and 36 saves the following year.

The highlight is 2016. He made 47 saves with a 0.54 earned run average. At the time, he was an impregnable closer, not recording a single blown save. Despite his excellent skills, he had no chance to pitch in the postseason, causing controversy over coach Showalter. As a relief pitcher, he was also mentioned as an American League Cy Young Award candidate, which was unusual, and he ranked 4th in the voting.

After injury and rehabilitation, Britten transferred to the New York Yankees in 2018. The Yankees already had closer Aroldis Chapman, so he moved into setup man. Although his position has changed, his performance has remained the same. In 2019 and 2020, he recorded an average earned run average of 1 point, creating the team’s winning formula. 토토

But Britton has been sluggish in the last two seasons. He was out of the season in August as he underwent Tommy John surgery in 2021, and although he returned last year, his performance was also poor. When the Yankees, whose contract expired, didn’t catch him, he was released on the free agent market.

Manager Showalter, who made him the best closer, is the current Mets head coach. If his sluggishness is the aftereffect of his injury and he will recover and regain his class, it is not a bad choice for the Mets. It remains to be seen whether Coach Showalter will have a ‘Britten Manual’.

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