“If you can’t do it with your body, take him down with a tackle.”

“Women’s soccer in the world is becoming more ‘speed’ oriented. The strongest teams are filled with speedy players, whether in defense, midfield, or forward positions.”

“What we need is speed and aggression,” said Colin Bell, 62, head coach of the South Korean women’s national soccer team. The British coach is the first foreigner to manage the women’s national team. Since taking over in 2019, he’s been working on his Korean language skills. “I try to use Korean in training and meetings as much as possible,” he says, emphasizing communication and intimacy.

His favorite Korean words are ‘high intensity’ and ‘fast’. His favorite Korean words are “high intensity” and “fast”. The idea is to have the stamina to recover quickly and keep up the pace in the second half. The 23 players in the squad for the 2023 FIFA World Cup in Australia and New Zealand have been through Bell’s training hell.

메이저놀이터추천 Bell played for Leicester City (England) and Mainz (Germany) as a player before retiring in 1989 and immediately turning to coaching, coaching both men’s and women’s teams. In 2015, she won the European Women’s Champions League with Eintracht Frankfurt and took charge of the Irish women’s national team. Looking for a new challenge, Bell took the reins of South Korea. “They’re a technically brilliant team. I’ve always wanted to coach them,” he says. “I’ve achieved a lot as a coach and I could retire. But going to the World Cup was a highlight for me.” This is the first time Bell has coached at a World Cup in his entire career.

He’s a two-faced coach. If he doesn’t like a play, he’ll tell you so. When South Korea lost the Arnold Clarke Cup, a four-nation friendly match in England in February, he said, “If you can’t do it physically, you should have the fighting spirit to tackle them.” He is said to have been angry as a thunderbolt. However, in training, he uses a lot of Korean with a bright smile to help the players understand, and he is meticulous in giving customized guidance because he is quick to identify individual characteristics.

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