Ildefonso on the differences between training in the Philippines and his first offseason in Korea

How Dave Ildefonso (23, 192 cm) feels about his first offseason in South Korea.

Suwon KT convened its squad on Jan. 1 to begin preparations for the new season. Five weeks into the season, the team has been practicing with all but one of its rostered players. Filipino Asia Quarter Dave Ildefonso, who joined KT in January in the middle of last season, has been with the team since the offseason.

“It’s my first offseason in Korea, and it’s hard because I’m not used to the Korean style of training. I think I’m doing the most difficult offseason workout in my 메이저놀이터 basketball career, but I’m trying to be as positive as possible because this is a process to improve not only the team but also myself. I will continue to work hard in the upcoming training sessions.”

When asked about the differences between his offseason training in the Philippines and his offseason training in Korea, Ildefonso said, “I’ve been doing track training lately and it’s definitely more intense than the track training I did in the Philippines. I actually don’t like running that much, but I think it’s harder.”

As for his physical condition, he said, “In the Philippines, I just did simple exercises and focused on rest. Now that I’m in Korea, I feel like I’m getting better and better. I think I’ll be in better shape compared to last season.”

Ildefonso had a hard time adjusting to the team, the weather, and the Korean culture since he joined the team in the middle of last season, but the new season is different. The team has been working together since the offseason, so there’s no need to worry about adjustment.

“Last season, I felt a lot of pressure because I joined the team in the middle of the season, but this time, we’ve been together since the offseason, so I’ve been able to build chemistry with my teammates and work better together. We have the same goals as a team. We want to make the playoffs and play basketball for a long time. My personal goal is to prove myself. I want to prove why the team picked me last season and make a mark on people.”

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