“I’m not interested in world’s most expensive DF!”…Man City’s ‘great reversal’, no plans to spend 142 billion

Recently, all eyes were on the highest-priced defender in world soccer history 꽁머니.

It’s center back Josko Gvardiol of Leipzig, Germany. The Leipzig defender is also a key defender for the Croatian national team. Gvardiol gained a lot of attention after his impressive performance at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

At the tender age of 21, he was considered one of the future stars of world soccer, and his price tag was set at a whopping €100 million ($142 billion). This is the highest price for a defender in world soccer.

This was followed by reports that ‘rich club’ Manchester City of England desperately wanted Gbadiol. The theory is that the world’s strongest team, which won the ‘treble’ last season, is looking to get even stronger. The prevailing view was that City would accept the world’s most expensive defender.

But then came the big twist.

It turned out that City were not very interested in Gervinho. They weren’t actively looking to sign him. They’re not willing to spend the world’s highest transfer fee for a defender. It’s not City that’s desperate, it’s Gervinho, and the news is that Gervinho is desperate to join City.

According to ESPN, “City are preparing to make a move for Guardiola, but they are not active. They have not yet made a formal offer for him, and they are not willing to pay the full transfer fee, which is estimated at €100 million. City wants the right price. City will make an offer at a lower price,” the report said.

The outlet added: “Gervinho wants to move to Man City. A Leipzig official also confirmed: ‘Gervinho and his advisors are in talks with City, but we can’t say anything more. We are in talks with City but have nothing more to say,'” explaining that it was Gervinho’s desire, not City’s, that was the issue.

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