Introducing the children of the Hero Corps

The stars of Kiwoom Heroes have released their childhood photos extensively.

On Children’s Day on the 5th, Kiwoom Heroes introduced childhood photos of the players in the lineup on the billboard.

Instead of the profile pictures of the players, they edited pictures from when they were 3 or 4 years old and posted them on the billboard as introduction pictures of the players instead of profile pictures. 크크크벳

If you look at the picture without the name, it is a picture of a child who would not be able to tell who it was at all.

Baseball fans were delighted to see the stars introduced on Children’s Day as children.

The first player to be introduced is Jeong Chan-heon, a starting pitcher.

As the game started in the first inning, Jeong Chan-heon climbed the mound, and a picture of Jeong Chan-heon as a player in elementary school was introduced on the electronic display board.

At the end of the first inning, when Kiwoom’s No. 1 batter Lee Jung-hoo was introduced, baseball fans laughed out loud when they saw Lee Jung-hoo’s childhood photo.

Lee Won-seok, who recently moved from Samsung to Kiwoom, delighted fans by introducing a photo wearing a Haitai Tigers helmet.

Among the photos from when he was a kid introduced on this day, the photo that made the fans enjoy the most was Kim Hye-sung’s photo.

The photo of her taking a sand bath at the beach, with only her face exposed in the sand, gave her great pleasure.

In addition, childhood photos of many Kiwoom players were introduced on the display board, and baseball fans who visited Gocheok Dome with their children made another memory on Children’s Day.

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