“It’s the worst start in 50 years”… Despite negative public opinion, the 300 home run hitter is confident

St. Louis Cardinals Nolan Arenado (32) is looking at the season long.

St. Louis is off to a bad start this year. Last year, with 93 wins and 69 losses, they finished the season in first place in the Central Division of the National League, but recorded 10 wins and 20 losses this season. It is staying at the bottom of the earth. They are struggling in the mire of 4 consecutive losses, and in the last 10 games, they are on a bad trend with 2 wins and 8 losses.

On the 3rd (Korean time), MLB.com, the official homepage of Major League Baseball, said, “St. Louis is off to the worst start in 50 years. It was severely depressed throughout April. He pointed out the sluggishness of St. Louis, saying, “I have 10 games with the Pittsburgh Pirates (20-10), who are in first place.”

Even so, Arenado is confident. He said the season is still a long way off. He said, “I always have high expectations. But there are so many seasons left. It’s hard to understand people’s reactions, but I’m trying to understand them. We have 10 games left to top, and we have another five months to play the season.” I predicted that I would be able to rise to the top.

Arenado made his big league debut with the Colorado Rockies in 2013 and moved to St. Louis ahead of the 2021 season. He hit 301 home runs in 11 career big league seasons, and led the National League in home runs three times and RBI twice. His award history is also splendid. He won the National League Third Baseman’s Gold Glove ten times, the Silver Slugger Award five times, and the Platinum Glove six times. 메이저사이트

Arenado is also in a slump this season. In 20 games, he went 36 hits in 116 at bats with 2 home runs, a batting average of 0.233, a slugging percentage of 0.310, and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of just 0.590. Despite being in a long slump, Arenado is going into the game with a positive mindset. “Things are going well. It’s obviously a timing issue. If we’re winning, it’s not something to worry about too much. I feel worse because I’m not doing my part when the team is losing,” he said.

And he insisted that he would be able to rebound again. Arenado said, “I can see why people are upset. I’m angry too. But it’s April. Judging by the reactions, I think the season is over. It’s still too early to judge.”

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