“Japan has become advantageous” ML 61 home run Choi Ji-man did not participate, the Japanese press welcomed it quietly

“It has become advantageous to Japan”.

When Choi Ji-man (31), a Korean big leaguer for the Pittsburgh Pirates, did not participate in the WBC tournament, Japan secretly welcomed it.

Choi Ji-man underwent an elbow bone fragment removal surgery after the season last year. Pittsburgh put the brakes on the WBC due to a history of surgery. In the end, after discussions with the WBCI, Pittsburgh’s suspension was accepted and the decision was made to withdraw.

He was selected for the national team for the first time since advancing to the United States, but had to return the Taegeuk mark. The absence of Choi Ji-man, who has a long hitting power of 61 homers in the major leagues, is inevitable for the Korean national team.

I lost the sign card to use in the fateful Korea-Japan match on March 10th. Japan’s starting pitcher is expected to be Shohei Otani or Darvish Ryu. In order to attack Japan’s special pitchers who followed, only Choi needed a big league hit.

Instead, SSG outfielder Choi Ji-hoon was selected as a substitute. However, the absence of a major leaguer who can change the flow of the game at once leaves a clear regret. 메이저사이트

Japanese media reported the news of Choi Ji-man’s absence and analyzed the impact it would have on the Korea-Japan match.

“Full Count,” a baseball organization, reported the reaction in Korea, saying, “Sad voices are pouring in about the absence of Choi Ji-man, who was expected to hit 11 home runs in Tampa Bay last year.”

He added, “It is painful for the Korean national team. Korea’s second base and shortstop are of a much higher level than Japan, but Choi Ji-man’s absence has given Japan an advantage.”

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