Jeonbuk Asia Pacific Masters 20 days away… Are you ready for the final competition?

Less than a month is left before the Jeonbuk Asia-Pacific Masters, a festival for athletes.

As it will be held after twists and turns due to Corona 19, Jeollabuk-do has entered the last inspection for a successful hosting.

Reporter Joong-ho Oh reports.


Jeollabuk-do and the Asia-Pacific Masters Organizing Committee visited the World Cup Stadium.

On the 13th of next month, the Asia Pacific Masters will begin with the lighting of the torch here.

Followed by taekwondo demonstrations, fireworks, and free celebratory performances by ambassadors and famous singers.

As a large number of people gather, ticket distribution, entrance inspections, and security guard deployment are strengthened.

[Soundbite] Lee Kang-oh(Asia Pacific Masters Organizing Committee Secretary-General) : “We expect more than 10,000 spectators to attend, as famous singers such as Young Tak and Oh My Girl have been invited. 스포츠토토

” Enter the control room operation.

We have completed inspections of facilities in 37 stadiums where games for 25 events are held, 900 chartered buses are being put into airport routes in the metropolitan area, and sanitary guidance is being given to accommodations and 1,400 restaurants.

Above all, in order to achieve the effectiveness of international events, we decided to focus on creating added value by linking representative tourist attractions in each city and county.

[Soundbite] Kim Kwan-yeong(Governor of Jeonbuk-do Province) : “If all participants make efforts so that participants can fully feel the charms of Jeollabuk -do, I think they will be able to claim themselves as public relations ambassadors in their respective countries.” , about 4,000 people.

It is expected that large and small events will follow, including the closing ceremony of the Jeolla Gamyeong, as well as Korean traditional music, hanok, and Korean paper.

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