KBO, 2023 Social Media Operator Selection Bidding

KBO (President Heo Gu-yeon) will hold a tender to select an agency operator to operate the 2023 KBO social media.

The company selected through this bidding will be in charge of operating and managing KBO’s official social media channels, filming KBO’s official events, and producing various video contents for baseball fans. In addition, along with the opening and operation of a new KBO fostering channel, it plans to produce customized content for each platform according to the increase in content demand.

Companies wishing to participate in this project, which is funded by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s host organization support fund, 온라인바카라 prepare a proposal based on the bidding notice posted on the Nara Market operated by the Public Procurement Service, attach the necessary documents, and submit it by 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 28. You can apply by visiting the KBO Contents Team (mail, e-mail, or fax are not accepted).

Details can be found in the public bidding notice of the Nara Market.

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