KGC’s ‘Taegeuk Edition’ that saw the light after twists and turns

The uniform that was almost scrapped has finally seen the light of day. ‘Special uniform artisan’ KGC is playing EASL (East Asia Super League) wearing a special uniform made with great care.

Anyang KGC is considered a leader in the ‘special edition’. The Christmas uniform, which was introduced for the first time in KBL in the 2011-2012 season, has been produced every season since then and has become a signature of KGC. KGC is also the team that produced the city edition for the first time in KBL. The ‘Captain Day’ uniform featuring franchise star Yang Hee-jong was also well received by fans.

KGC also produced an EASL version of the uniform prior to the start of the 2022-2023 season, but it was almost scrapped. EASL, 먹튀검증 which was scheduled to be held in a home & away format, was in danger of being canceled in the aftermath of the spread of Corona 19. KGC, which produced uniforms with great care, also expressed regret by officially protesting, but EASL was held in the form of Champions Week after twists and turns.

Compared to the originally scheduled games, the number of games to be played was greatly reduced, but fortunately, KGC was able to play the games wearing the uniforms made for this tournament. KGC wore this uniform in the opening match against the Taipei Fubon Braves on the 1st and won 95-69.

In the special uniform, colors reminiscent of Taegeukgi were used. The team color is red, and blue and white are engraved like waves all over the top and bottom. In addition, on the front and back of the jacket, the company’s representative brand, Cheongkwanjang, is written in Chinese and another red ginseng brand, EVERY TIME, is written in English.

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