Kim Bum-soo, who set the Hanwha hold record, the first billion won annual salary… Joo-seok Ha cuts in half ‘first cut’

Lefty Kim Bum-soo, who played an active part in the Hanwha bullpen’s winning team, broke through the annual salary of 100 million won for the first time since his debut. 

On the 26th, Hanwha announced the results of contracts with 49 players who were subject to salary negotiations among registered players, excluding players with FA contracts. 

Kim Bum-soo rose from 96.8 million won last year to 141 million won this year, the most in the team, with 44.2 million won. Salary increase rate 45.7%. After his debut in 2015, this year marks his ninth year and his first billion-dollar annual salary. 

Kim Beom-su pitched 66 innings in 78 games, the most in the league last year, and had a career high season with 3 wins, 7 losses, 27 holds, an average ERA of 4.36 and 58 strikeouts. The 27 holds is the most in Hanwha club history in one season. 

Pitcher Min-jae Jang, who came in as a substitute starter and established himself as a stopper for consecutive losses, also increased his annual salary from 76 million won to 115 million won. The increase of 39 million won was 51.3%, the third largest increase in the team. It is also the highest personal salary since his debut. 

Jang Min-jae received an annual salary of 110 million won for two consecutive years from 2020 to 2021. Last year, he pitched 126⅓ innings in 32 games, winning 7 wins (8 losses) and an average ERA of 3.55, returning to a salary of 100 million won in two years. Jang Min-jae also gets his first FA qualification after this season. 

Min-woo Kim, the first starter in Korea, rose by 37 million won (19.4%) from 191 million won to 228 million won, receiving the highest salary in the team among non-FA players. Second baseman Jeong Eun-won also rose by 27.2 million won (14.3%) from 190.8 million won to 218 million won. Jeong Eun-won is his first 200 million annual salary. 온라인바카라 Kim In-hwan, who was nominated for Rookie of the Year last year and hit 16 homers, the most in the team, also recorded the highest increase (100%) from 32 million won to 64 million won. 

On the other hand, shortstop Ha Joo-seok’s salary was reduced by 100 million won from 209 million won last year to 100 million won this year. Salary reduction rate 50.2%. The biggest drop in the team. It is the first time since his professional debut in 2012 that his salary has been cut. Last year, he was the highest paid player on the team among non-FA players, but was cut in half within a year. 

Ha Joo-seok fell short of expectations with a batting average of .258, 115 hits, 5 homers, and 58 RBIs in 125 games, with an OPS of .651. After the season, he was caught driving drunk during the finishing camp and was suspended for 70 games by the KBO, so a drastic salary cut was inevitable.

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