Kim Dong-joo, who was selected as the ‘Express’ 5th, made a surprise performance “I want to become a pitcher worthy of the name”

Can a ‘boss bear’ appear on the mound of the Doosan Bears? As of the 24th, Doosan Kim Dong-ju (22) is fighting hard with an average ERA of 1.80 with 1 win and 1 loss after playing in 3 games this season. He gave up two runs or less in all three games he made a start. 안전놀이터

It is a surprise performance that no one expected. Kim Dong-ju, who is in his third year as a pro, debuted in the first team last year and averaged only 7.56 earned run average in 10 games. Kim Dong-joo, who had been like that, has made great strides this season, receiving attention from spring camp. He was noticed as a 5th starter since the Australian camp. Here, foreign pitcher Dylan Pyle left due to a bruised bone, and Kim Dong-ju seized the opportunity.

When asked about the difference between a 7-point pitcher and a 1-point pitcher, he said “mental”. Kim Dong-joo laughed, saying, “Last year, it worked well, but it didn’t work out. So I was shaken. This year, I improved a lot. More than 90% of the difference is mental. Of course, if baseball is good, it has no choice but to be.”

He said, “Last year in the Futures (2nd team) league, I focused on developing my stamina to throw the first ball, breaking ball, and starting pitch (long). I increased my momentum and threw a lot of balls.” , I paid a lot of attention to the number of pitches, and it’s helping.”

Kim Dong-ju, who is good at fastball, slider, and forkball, has a pitch that is not obvious. it’s just a curve He has a usage rate of only 2.4% this season, but unfortunately, on the 19th against the Hanwha Eagles, he threw a curve at 105 km per hour and allowed a home run. Kim Dong-joo said, “I’ve been practicing the curve since last year, but I rarely throw it in practice. I threw it too slowly (the ball hit by a home run). Senior catcher (Yang) Eui-ji told me to throw it low with a manned ball, but I was mixed with the desire to put a strike. So, the curve I went in high and got hit.” He is still immature, but with fast balls, sliders, and forkballs, if added to the repertoire, the future of ‘starter Kim Dong-ju’ can become more solid.

Kim Dong-ju’s name is the same as team legend senior ‘Boss Bear’ third baseman Kim Dong-ju (47). Kim Dong-joo said, “There is Kim Dong-ju among the bullpen catchers. My brothers call me by name and tease me by calling me ‘Dong-joo-hyung’.” promised.

In order to ‘value the name’, you must first keep your starting position. Doosan expects Dylan to return in May. Then, Dong-Joo Kim or Seung-Yong Choi should go to the bullpen. Kim Dong-joo said, “Of course I want to remain as the 5th starter,” but also said, “It’s not an easy position. Seung-yong is also throwing well. I think it’s a good competition. If you work hard, good results will follow.”

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