“Kwanghyeon hyung will tell you” Edmon’s chosen Korean teacher

‘Hyeonsu’ Edman (St. Louis) is serious about joining the Korean national team. He hasn’t set a date yet, but he’s prepared to say the simple word himself no matter when he joins. He plans to ask Kim Gwang-hyeon (SSG) to become a Korean teacher as well.

Edman appeared on MLB Network on the 21st (Korean time) and revealed the process of joining the Korean WBC team, his feelings, and his determination. Edman said, “I’ve heard a lot about the rivalry between Korea and Japan,” and “I want to participate in the Korea-Japan match and feel the atmosphere.” Her mother, Kwak Kyung-ah (Maureen Kwak), said that she had been a baseball fan since she was a child, so it seems that she has already had an indirect experience.

She just wasn’t excited. After Edman made up his mind to join the Korean national team, he started learning simple Korean. In an interview with a local media earlier, he said that he started learning Korean and that he wanted to learn Korean baseball terminology.토토사이트

In the broadcast on the 21st, when asked about his Korean skills, he replied, “I’m working hard. I thought I had to learn simple expressions before joining the national team.” “Kwang-hyun Kim, who played in St. .

Kim Gwang-hyun played for St. Louis for two years, 2020 and 2021. It was at a time when Edmund, who had made his major league debut in 2019, was just trying to expand his presence on his team. It seems that there was a lot of exchange between the two at this time.

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