“Lee Kang-in was a sensation!”…Mallorca season wrap-up in a nutshell

The 2022-23 Spanish Primera Liga (La Liga) season is over, and so is Mallorca’s.

Mallorca is in a festive mood after a successful season. They were rated as one of the relegation spots before the season, but they defied the odds and finished in the top 10 of the league. They finished in 9th place. Compared to last season’s 16th place, that’s a huge improvement. It also allowed Mallorca to play in the top flight for the third consecutive season.

In a festive mood, the Majorcadailybulletin, which covers Mallorca news, has prepared a summary of Mallorca’s 2022-23 season. It’s very concise and clear. It doesn’t need much explanation. Two words describe Mallorca this season.

Lee Kang-in and Bedat Murki.

Lee Kang-in has been the best performer of the season. With six goals and six assists, it was a career best. Mallorca have given him the title of ‘King’. In a season where he’s risen to the top of La Liga, many big clubs are chasing him.

Mourinho, the frontline striker who has formed the best partnership with Lee, is fourth in goals this season with 15. Above him are Robert Lewandowski (Barcelona) with 23, Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) with 19 and Joselu (Espanyol) with 16.

The publication concluded, “Mallorca finished the season in ninth place with a fantastic 50 points. To finish in the top 10 is fantastic. Mallorca’s goal was to stay in the first division. They achieved this, beating teams like Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.”

“Lee Kang-in and Murki were Mallorca’s best players. Without their partnership, Mallorca would not have achieved its goals 스포츠토토.”

“He was just a sensation,” he said.

“Sadly, I think he’s ready to play for a team that competes in Europe. He wants to go one step further. Atletico Madrid and other Premier League teams want him,” he lamented.

“If Atletico Madrid take him, they will get a lot of extra money, just like we did. If he leaves, Mallorca will use the money to bring in some top young players on loan.”

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