‘Lee Seung-yeop-ho’, Australian All-Star, perfectly defeated… “Praise for rushing base, 2S hits are an improvement”

There are about 40 days left.”

The Doosan Bears won 7-2 in a game against Australian All-Stars held at the Blacktown International Baseball Stadium in Sydney, Australia on the 19th.

Doosan’s first match against a team outside the Sydney camp. His first game was scheduled to be held the previous day (18th), but it was declared a no game in the top of the second inning due to strong winds and heavy rain. Coach Lee also looked up at the sky, saying, “I have to play a lot of real matches, but it’s a pity.”

The second game was played in clear weather.

Two-ta returned stably. Starting pitcher Choi Won-joon kept the mound scoreless while striking out 5 in 2 innings. Kim Dong-ju (2 innings scoreless) – Park Shin-ji (2 innings scoreless) – Kim Myung-shin (⅔ innings scoreless) – Lee Byung-hun (⅓ innings scoreless) – Ko Bong-jae (1 inning scoreless score) – Park Chi-guk (1 inning scoreless score) took the mound.

In the other lineup, Kim In-tae, Shin Seong-hyeon and Ahn Seung-han made multi-hits and sent a good sense of hitting. The daily MVP of the day went to Shin Seong-hyun and Ahn Seung-han.

After the game, Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop emphasized, “It was my first match against an opponent in 2023, and I saw the players working hard once again. I will continue the good parts and improve the parts that need improvement.”

On this day, Doosan scored points while actively playing base runs. 스포츠토토 In particular, in the 5th inning, Lee Yoo-chan, who was on second base, showed the way to come home when Kim Dae-han grounded.

Manager Lee said, “If the blow doesn’t work out, you can solve the game in a different way. Lee Yu-chan caught the opponent off guard without missing a chance in that area.” Director Lee praised, “Today, Ahn Seung-han was in a difficult position, but he had a good lead, and he blocked it well with two runs. I want to pick him as a distinguished player.”

Manager Lee said, “The pitchers took two strikes and allowed hits. Today, I think we need to improve that they allowed a lot of hits. Now, there are about 40 days left. I think we should improve little by little until the demonstration game while reorganizing.” .

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