Man Utd, did Kim Min-jae evaluate the value properly… CB is precious, but ‘Maguire in half’ weekly wage

I am grateful for the interest of Manchester United (Man United), but I am still at the level of not knowing the value of Kim Min-jae.

Napoli defender Kim Min-jae is receiving a love call from a big club in the Premier League after contributing greatly to his team’s first Italian Serie A championship in 33 years in the 2022/23 season. Among them, the most aggressive team is Manchester United.

Manchester United is seeking to sign a second Korean player 11 years after parting ways with Park Ji-sung. The justification for recruiting Kim Min-jae is sufficient. Manchester United’s two centre-backs, Rafael Varane and Lisandro Martinez, are playing as a starting lineup. Captain Harry Maguire was pushed out and became a back-up defender along with Victor Lindelof. If both Baran and Martinez are injured, Manchester United’s center back worries are so great that they will turn left-back Luke Shaw to the center.

If Kim Min-jae joins, a large part of the problem can be solved. Both Varane and Martinez suffer from frequent injuries, so there is no guarantee that they will always be the starters. There is also a view that Manchester United can switch to the back 3 when Kim Min-jae comes.

But that’s only if United treat Min-Jae Kim properly, who has risen to become one of Europe’s top defenders this season. Manchester United is taking the 50 million euros (approximately 70 billion won) of the buyout attached to Kim Min-jae, which is temporarily applied in July, to take it away in June at the earliest.

However, the transfer fee is only the money that Man Utd gives to Napoli, and it is not something Kim Min-jae holds in his hands. From Kim Min-jae’s point of view, he needs a starting salary, but according to recent reports, it is much higher than the salary he receives from Naples, but it is hard to see it as money given to a European A-class defender.

According to foreign media, the annual salary that Kim Min-jae was offered at Manchester United is 6 million euros, or about 8.7 billion won. The British media changed this to their currency unit, and it is 100,000 pounds per week, or 167 million won 토스카지노.

Compared to Min-jae Kim’s 60,000 euros (approximately 88 million won) in Naples, it is twice as high. Although it is an increase of more than 100%, the British media’The Boot Room’ is sending doubts to Manchester United’s sincerity, saying, “This is an annual salary that even Liverpool can match.”

Looking at the weekly wages of center backs in the Premier League this season, it is clear that Kim Min-jae’s salary is low. Among the central defenders, the highest paid player is Baran, at £340,000. It is followed by Manchester City’s John Stones with £250,000, Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk with £220,000 and Maguire with £190,000. And in fifth place is Kim Min-jae’s Naples predecessor Kalidou Koulibaly with 160,000 pounds.

Of course, it is difficult to compare with the likes of Baran, Stones, and Van Dyke, who have been recognized for their skills on the European stage for years, but opinions are already divided about giving Kim Min-jae 100,000 pounds. Kim Min-jae not only filled Koulibaly’s void this season, but also received rave reviews saying that he was better than Koulibaly. This means that if Manchester United is doing their best, the ransom for Kim Min-jae should be raised. It is not for nothing that the saying “Liverpool pays that much” comes out for nothing.

In addition, the fact that there are not many A-class center backs in Europe this season is a good thing for Kim Min-jae. At this point, the only transfer market defender who can be said to be better than Kim Min-jae is Joshua Gbardiol (Leipzig), who led Croatia to third place in the Qatar World Cup.

It is known that Man City and Chelsea are also interested in Kim Min-jae. Both clubs are teams that have secured a significant advantage in the money fight with Man United. Whether or not Kim Min-jae’s Man Utd, predicted by many European media, will eventually become a reality, the sincerity of Man Utd has become more important.

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