Manchester City charged with FFP violations, possible exit from the league

English Premier League (EPL) Manchester City (hereafter Man City) is expected to receive a heavy penalty.

The EPL Secretariat said in a statement on the 6th (Korean time) that Manchester City were charged with violating Financial Fair Play (FFP). The secretariat said that Manchester City did not properly disclose details about sponsorship-related financial information, executive remuneration, and manager and player salaries. In the meantime, it is known that the secretariat did not faithfully participate in the investigation.

Man City is a team that has risen to ‘oil money’. They strengthened their power by recruiting many world-class players. Since 2008, when current owner Sheikh Mansour became the owner, he has reached the top of the EPL six times.

However, suspicions of FFP violations followed, and the Secretariat began an investigation in earnest four years ago. At least 5 violations were detected. In the future, an independent committee will be formed to closely review the relevant evidence.

If the allegation turns out to be true, 카지노사이트 Manchester City will find it difficult to avoid heavy penalties. There are even rumors of fines, points reduction, title stripping, and even expulsion from the league. Juventus, a prestigious Seria A player, was also deducted 15 points last month after fraudulent accounting was revealed.

Manchester City said through the club’s official channels: “The club is embarrassed to be prosecuted despite submitting a large amount of detailed information on allegations of violation of the rules. We hope that an independent committee will judge this matter fairly.”

British media BBC predicted, “It took more than four years to investigate and announce. It’s hard to hope that it will be resolved right away. The club (Man City) will also form the best lawyers. It will be a boring fight.”

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