‘Mr. Namseoul’ Kim Bio fierce pursuit… Tournament 2nd consecutive victory

“Before participating in the tournament, there was a lot of talk about defending the title and challenging myself to become the first player to win three titles. Of course, it’s a burden. But I can’t hide my desire to put a modifier, ‘first’, in front of my name.”

Bio Kim, who won the GS Caltex Maekyung Open last year, is one step closer to winning his second consecutive tournament and winning his first three tournaments.

The 2nd round of the 42nd GS Caltex Maekyung Open was held on the 5th at Namseoul CC (par 71) in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do. Kim Bio, who cut 4 strokes on the first day, recorded a 3 under par 68 on the day and tied for 3rd place with an interim total of 7 under par 135 strokes.

The birdie on the 16th hole (par 4), which is considered the most difficult in the history of the Korean men’s professional golf tournament, was the highlight. On the first day of the tournament, there were only two birdies in the ‘Hall of Fear’. Bio Kim said, “I have my own strategy. It was a strategy to look at the bunker on the left in the middle of the fairway and pass it, but the back wind also blew it over well.” I went into the hall as it is. I was lucky,” he explained.

“I was under a lot of stress and pressure from tension, but I have a house nearby so I can rest after the game. I’m anxious every time, but strangely, I got good grades and I’m confident.”

While ‘defending champion’ Bio Kim raised the rankings, ‘Korea’s Yon Ram’ Chan-min Jeong, who took the lead on the first day alone, maintained his position as the sole leader with strong mentality.

On this day, Jeong Chan-min’s tee shot on hole 1 bent wide to the left and went into the OB (Out of Bounce) area and recorded a double bogey. A situation that could collapse. However, Jeong Chan-min reduced the number of strokes with 6 birdies and 1 bogey in 17 holes, and eventually finished the game with a 3 under par 68. With an interim total of 11 under par, 131 strokes, he was two strokes ahead of Lee Jeong-hwan, who was in second place alone.

After looking back at the game, Jeong Chan-min said, “After making a mistake in the first hole, I tried to calm myself down. I thought I had to hold on somehow.” It’s okay to be a single hitter, so I want to win. My goal is to be called a champion,” he said, revealing his earnest desire to win.

Jung Chan-min also expressed his anticipation for the ‘cloud crowd’. After smiling, he said, “I like receiving attention. I look forward to meeting the audience on the weekend.”

스포츠토토 On this day, Lee Jung-hwan, who was in his third year of reserve service, rose to second place with an interim total of 9 under par and 133 strokes, taking his 3rd personal win and his first chance to win after being discharged.

Lee Jung-hwan looked back and said, “It was raining in the beginning, so it was a bit difficult to play, but in the second half when the rain stopped, I reduced 6 strokes.” there was,” he explained. Of course, the goal is to win. Lee Jung-hwan, who expressed his determination, said, “I feel like I want to win because I’m at the top of the list.” I don’t want to miss it,” he promised.

Artiluji Winaicha Loen Chai (Thailand), Jeong Han-mil, and Hwang In-chun tied for 6th place with an interim total of 6 under par 136, while Park Eun-shin, Nititon Tipong (Thailand) and Moon Do-yeop tied for 9th with an interim total of 5 under par 137 strokes. I finished the game on the second day.

At Namseoul CC on this day, the trademark glass plate green softened due to the rain, and the players played aggressively, resulting in under par. There is a reason why the buddy show took place. This is because the ‘preferred lie rule’, which allows players to clean and hit balls that have fallen on the fairway, has been applied. As long as the players kept the fairway, they took out the ball that fell into the divot, cleaned it, and played the game by placing it in a good place within one club distance. Bio Kim explained, “I saw the effect of reducing more than two strokes by applying the Preferred Lie rule.”

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