NBA drops ‘Hollywood’ action for new season

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is cracking down on “Hollywood action.

The NBA’s Board of Governors approved changes to the challenge rule and flopping (fake foul, excessive motion to deceive a referee) penalties at its annual meeting ahead of the 2023-2024 season, according to the Associated Press on Wednesday.

In the new season 먹튀검증, a flopping technical foul can be called when a player deceives a referee into drawing a foul and gives the opposing team a free throw opportunity. Referees can stop play to determine if a flopping penalty is warranted, and if they see flopping while reviewing a challenge for another foul, they can call both fouls simultaneously.

The offending player will also be fined $2,000 (approximately $2.6 million). However, the bench will not be able to challenge flopping directly, and flopping will not result in a personal foul or ejection. The flopping rule will be piloted for one year.

In the meantime, if the coaching staff requests a challenge and the call is overturned, they will have a second chance to challenge the call. However, a successful second challenge will not result in an additional challenge.

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