‘Next generation national ace’ Park Ji-hyun “I want to lead women’s basketball like my sisters, and…” 

Asan Woori Bank’s ‘Young Ace’ Park Ji-hyeon (23) aims to win her first championship match in the new year. He also revealed his attachment to the national team. It is his ambition to lead the national team like his older sisters. If you look further, your heart also touches the WNBA. Furthermore, fan love is also ‘steamed’.

Park Ji-hyun was nominated by Woori Bank as the first overall in the 2018-2019 Women’s Professional Basketball (WKBL) New Player Selection Tournament. At the time, she broke through the odds of 4.8% and had the right to pick first place, and she called Park Ji-hyun’s name. It was the moment when the strongest Woori Bank took the strongest rookie.

Now in her 5th year season. Now she has become a key player on the team. As expected, Kim Dan-bi and Park Hye-jin are ranked first, but Park Ji-hyun also proudly takes on one axis. It is ‘present’ and ‘next generation’.

She is averaging 15.3 points, 7.8 rebounds and 4.6 assists in 19 games on the season. It is 5th in the league in points, rebounds and assists, and 3rd in 2-point success rate (55.0%). Her 3-point success rate is also 32.9%, the best since her debut. He is poised to break career highs in various indicators. I met Park Ji-hyun at Woori Bank’s training center in Jangwi-dong, Seoul on her New Year’s Day

◇ Cotyledons that are ready to grow, in full bloom while accumulating experience
Woori Bank is emitting a fearsome ‘force’ this season. 19 matches, 17 wins and 2 losses. He ran up to 14 consecutive wins. Park Ji-hyun is also doing her part. “I don’t think I can say that my stake in the team’s performance is small. I spend a lot of time running and holding the ball more than before. It is true that we are in a position to do well.”

Born in 2000, he is still in his early 20s, but he is already in his 5th year as a pro. I started the season with a different mindset. “I feel that the years have accumulated. I feel the need to do better. We did a lot of off-season preparations. He continued to build his body without taking a vacation. Thanks to you, I seem to be getting good grades. As the lower body improved, the shooting improved,” he pointed out.

The assistant stands out. It was the first time since his debut to make an average of 4 or more. Coach Wie Sung-woo commented, “Pass fun has been added.” Park Ji-Hyun hit the palm of her hand. “Honestly, there are ups and downs. There are days when I have a lot of assists, and there are days when I don’t. I am feeling that I am getting better. When all the older sisters succeed, joy arises. It really puts everything in. There are too many unnies who are good at scoring,” she laughed.

◇Severe teachings from coach
Seong-Woo Wi, a tall guard with a height of 183 cm from the strongest in high school to a professional player. This is a type that Korean women’s basketball has never had. I was called ‘the best’ in high school, but it’s different again when I came to the pros. There was harsh guidance from director Wie. Thanks to you, I became a pro.카지노사이트

Park Ji-hyun said, “At first, I was scolded from one to ten. I just came to pro, and the environment was the first time. Would you say it’s overloaded? It was really hard because the director’s guidance didn’t come into my head and heart. Now I know the director’s intention. Now let me know what I’m lacking. Outside, he takes care of me better than anyone else. I am just grateful.” He smiled.

We also talked about positions. “I am a guard with kidneys. When I first came, the coach said ‘You are not a guard’. Since he is good at ball handling, the older sisters ordered him to hit and go up quickly to arrange his stamina. Now they say ‘you have to do it as a guard’. I think I need to play the role of a guard well. We want to do better,” he explained.

◇Unified championship, WNBA…Park Ji-Hyun’s Goals and Dreams
Although she has achieved many things in the professional world, there are things she has not been able to do. She is a championship winner. “When I came to the pros, there was no championship win. She has won the regular league championship. She definitely wants to win the unification championship. I don’t think about personal records or awards. The coach said, ‘Aim for a double-double this season.’ It is a difficult record. Even so, it seems that the record comes out well because I do it with the will to do it. I want to make sure that someday the MVP can follow me.”

There are even grander dreams. It is the WNBA. “While playing in WKBL, I think I am growing well as it is. Thank you for coming to Woori Bank. However, it is yet to go to a bigger stage. too short You can also worry. I haven’t completely given up. It is a wish in the corner of your heart. First of all, doing well here is the first thing. I want to take on a challenge someday,” he confessed.

There is also an aspiration to lead women’s basketball. Coach Wi said, “Young players, including Park Ji-hyun, should be the mainstay of the national team.” Park Ji-hyun said, “Since I was young, I have been called up a lot to the national team. I am grateful that he gave me many opportunities. National team is always an honorable position. I am feeling responsible. It is certain that (Park) Hyejin unnie, (Kim) Danbi unnie, and (Park) Jisu unnie are leading it. I want to do like my older sisters,” he emphasized.

◇Fans are gifts from the world
. We also talked about fans. The sincerity dripped out. “I am really thankful for my life. too big. When I’m having a hard time, when I can’t overcome it, the gift the world gives me, saying, “Get over it,” is like a fan. I get a lot of help and support from fans.”

“I always want to say thank you. I really hope this season will be a season where I can repay the fans both with my performance and outside of the game. I hope you come to the basketball court a lot. The new year was bright. I hope all the fans are healthy. Health is the best. I want you to feel a little bit of happiness while watching basketball.” And he laughed and said, “Happy New Year everyone.”

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