‘Only winning is the answer’ Men’s 3×3 national team, you have to win to get both justification and practicality

In order to keep the minimum justification and practicality, you must ‘win’. Otherwise, you will lose both justification and practicality.

The men’s and women’s 3×3 national teams have been convened to participate in the FIBA ​​3×3 Asia Cup 2023, which opens in Singapore on the 29th. The men’s and women’s 3×3 national team, which was convened on the 10th, immediately entered the Jincheon National Training Center and began hardening for about two weeks.

Of course, the men’s 3×3 national team is attracting the most attention at this call. Four players currently belonging to Sangmu, including former KBL MVP Heo Hoon and Song Gyo-chang, Asian Games 3×3 silver medalist Kim Nak-hyun, and 2019 KBL Draft 1st pick Park Jung-hyun, are selected for the men’s 3×3 national team and are heading to Singapore.

It is a dream lineup that can attract the attention of fans who have not been interested in 3×3. In fact, after the news of their selection was delivered, ‘I want to go to the Singapore Intuition. It is said that inquiries about the stadium and schedule are continuing to the Basketball Association.

First of all, it seems to have succeeded in attracting fans’ attention. However, the men’s 3×3 national team has a clear task of ‘winning’ this competition.

Sangmu players’ selection of the 3×3 national team has the justification of “securing tickets for the 2024 Paris Olympics 3×3 qualifiers.”

The winning team of the 3×3 Asia Cup will be given a 3×3 qualifying ticket for the 2024 Paris Olympics. The Korean men’s and women’s 3×3 national teams are not eligible for the Olympic qualification based on the FIBA ​​3×3 national rankings. Given Korea’s situation, which has been pushed out of the world’s top 60, winning the 3×3 Asian Cup is the only way to qualify for the Olympics.

The association and the 3×3 Performance Improvement Committee focused on securing tickets for the Olympic qualifiers and started forming players, and were able to select Sangmu players who had completed the KBL D-League schedule. It is awkward to expect the simple (?) achievement of advancing to the quarterfinals from the national team with a lineup supported by former KBL MVP Heo Hoon and Song Gyo-chang.

Ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, 3×3 organizations such as KXO and Premier League have won Olympic qualifying tickets through hosting and participating in 3×3 international competitions several times. However, with the Paris Olympics ahead, such a situation cannot be expected.

If the men’s 3×3 national team fails to win the 3×3 Asian Cup this time, Korea, an axis of Asian basketball, will not be able to compete in the Olympic qualifiers.

The reason why the men’s 3×3 national team should win even more is that there was no consideration for the existing 3×3 players during this selection process. 토토사이트

Most of the 3×3 players who made the current Korean 3×3 stage after 2017 failed at the KBL and college stages. However, they came to live a new life through 3×3, and the Korea Basketball Association also put forward a condition that ‘qualification to participate in national and international competitions only for players participating in the Korea Tour’ to revitalize the Korea Tour.

Thanks to players who were close to unknown in the basketball world protecting the 3×3 stage along with their livelihoods, the popularity of 3×3 in Korea has risen little by little, and recently, 3×3 teams are being established in various fields.

In particular, thanks to the efforts of the players who played an active part in the 3×3 national team even giving up their livelihoods during the call for the national team, Korea achieved the achievement of advancing to the quarterfinals of the men’s 3×3 national team in the 2018 and 2022 3×3 Asia Cup.

However, in the process of selecting the national team for this 3×3 Asian Cup, there was no consideration for the existing 3×3 players. Players who had sacrificed so far were excluded from the selection process at all, and there was no minimum explanation for the players who were active as professional 3×3 players as to why they were excluded from the national team discussion.

Existing 3×3 players are soothing their boiling hearts and feelings of collapse under the pretext of ‘securing tickets for the Olympic qualifiers’.

The men’s 3×3 team is in Group B of the Qualifying Draw (separate qualifying round) along with New Zealand, Tonga and Turkmenistan for this 3×3 Asia Cup. In the qualifying draw, only the first place in the group is eligible to advance to the main draw (main preliminary round).

As for the national team, it is necessary to overcome the wall of New Zealand, which is likely to be ranked first in the group. Only when 12 teams advance to the main draw (main preliminary round) can they look forward to advancing to the quarterfinals. If they lose to New Zealand, they could get the stigma of failing to qualify for the 3×3 Asian Cup main draw for the first time in Korean 3×3 history. The Korean men’s 3×3 national team has never failed to advance to the main draw in the 3×3 Asian Cup, which they have participated in since 2018.

We hope that the 2023 3×3 Asian Cup men’s national team, which is expected by many fans and boasts the best power ever, will surely promote in Singapore and keep the

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