‘Participation in the Artisan Award’ Coach Tae-woong Choi “I’m sorry and thankful to the players”

On the 19th, the 4th game of the season between Woori Card and Hyundai Capital in the men’s division of the ‘Dodram 2022-2023 V-League’ was held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul. Before the game, Choi Tae-woong, head coach of Hyundai Capital, gave an interview with reporters with a calmer expression than usual.

That would also be the case because Director Choi was awarded the Artisan Award that day. The late Cho Hyeon-soo passed away this morning, and a mortuary was set up at Asan Hospital in Seoul.

Nonetheless, coach Choi led the team to the stadium that day. This is because it was not easy to leave the seat in the team situation where it had to chase the lead Korean Air and escape the pursuit of the 3rd place OK Financial Group.

Coach Choi said, “My father-in-law will want to see more of me happy,” and calmly expressed his determination, saying, “I will play the game in a good atmosphere with the players.” He added, “After today’s game, I will go to the mortuary and assume the role of Sangju.”

He also reflected on the advice of the deceased. Director Choi said, “There are times when you have to make important decisions in your directorial life, and there are people who feel sad because of that.” “he said. He added, “I seem to have led a leader’s life without much friction with the people around me until now while following the advice of the deceased.”

However, coach Choi was unable to give victory to his father-in-law who had left for heaven. On this day, Woori Card players, who lost coach Shin Young-cheol and players such as Kim Ji-han and Kim Dong-min due to Corona 19, had a stronger will to win.

Even until the first set, Hyundai Capital was expected to win easily. Against Woori Card, who won 3 matches this season, Hyundai Capital easily overcame the baseline by 25 to 14, shaking the receive with a strong serve.

However, our cards have completely changed since the second set. The receiving efficiency, which was 15% in the first set, increased to 50% in the second and third sets. Agamez and Na Gyeong-bok’s twin guns exploded after a stable receive. The 3rd set Woori Card, which flowed into a close match of deuce, rode the flow with Agamez’s back attack and Jung Sung-kyu’s sub ace.카지노

The shaken Hyundai Capital collapsed completely in the 4th set. During the 4th set, coach Choi virtually raised the white flag by excluding key players such as Jeon Kwang-in and Oreol. With a 1-3 loss, Hyundai Capital stayed at 43 points.

After the game, coach Choi said, “I’m sorry and thankful to the players,” and “Congratulations on the victory of Woori Card.” He then blamed himself, saying, “It was my mistake for giving over the atmosphere in a situation where the first set was overpowered, and it was a game where I felt a lot of lack.”

Coach Choi said, “As a manager, I tried to change the atmosphere, but it didn’t work,” and said, “I’m very sorry to the players.” He added, “I removed the 4th setter, Jeon Kwang-in, and Oreol because they were not breathing well, and I changed the players so that the setters could toss comfortably.” After a short interview, Director Choi headed to Binso.

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