‘Queen of the Wind’ Lee So-mi, ‘Daesang’ Kim Su-ji .. Side by side hit 4 under par and placed 1st and 2nd in the Nexen

Lee So-mi (25) of ‘Queen of the Wind’ and Kim Su-ji (27) of ‘KLPGA Grand Prize’ won the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour Nexen Saint Nine Masters (total prize money of 800 million won) On the second day, they record the daily best side by side and compete for the championship in the championship group.

In the second round of the tournament held on the 22nd at Shineo Nakdong Course (par 72) at Gimhae Gaya Country Club in Gyeongsangnam-do, Lee So-mi pulled out 7 birdies and wrote down 3 bogeys to hit a 4 under par 68. The 4-under par was the second most par on the day.

Lee So-mi, who recorded consecutive under par despite strong winds for two days in a row, rose to the sole lead with an interim total of 7 under par and 137 strokes.

Lee So-mi, who started the game on the 10th hole, picked up consecutive birdies on the 11th and 12th holes (par 4 above), raising the atmosphere at the beginning of the game. She made a bogey on the 15th hole (par 4), but made consecutive birdies again on the 16th (par 5) and 17th holes (par 3), reducing her number of strokes.

In the 18th hole (par 4), her second shot could not be put on the green, and the third shot could not be close to the hole.

Lee So-mi, who was unable to add a birdie in the next 3 holes, made a birdie by attaching her second shot from 128 yards in the 4th hole (par 4) to the hole 3.3m away, and also made a birdie in the 5th hole (par 4) that followed. He made a birdie putt into the hole and recorded his third consecutive birdie on the day.

In the 6th hole (par 3), the tee shot went behind the green, so I faced a crisis again. I put my second shot into the 3.5m hole, but missed the par putt.

He finished with a pleasant birdie on the 9th hole (par 5). Putting a birdie putt at a distance of about 5.5m, he put his name on the top of the leaderboard and finished the game first. 카지노사이트

Lee So-mi, who won 5 times on the KLPGA tour, was particularly strong on windy days. Three of his five victories were won on Jeju Island, and both of his two championship trophies last year were lifted on Jeju Island.

On this day, strong winds of up to 11 m/s blew in the stadium.

Lee So-mi said, “It was very windy, but I overcame it well. Even in a gust of wind, the putt went well and the shot was good,” he said. “The most important thing is to believe in my shot and putt, and you need to know how to burn the wind and how to wait and hit when it’s bad,” he explained why he was so strong against the wind.

Lee So-mi, who competed to win the championship after experiencing the bitter taste of missing consecutive cuts in the last two competitions, said, “I went back to the beginning and practiced really hard from 5:00 am to 8:00 pm.” want. Through this tournament, I will aim to find out what to improve while playing as I practiced.”

Suji Kim, who won the Grand Prize on the KLPGA Tour last year, shot 4 under par 68 strokes and recorded a median total of 6 under par 138 strokes, raising his ranking to second place.

Minbyeol Kim, a 19-year-old special rookie, was unable to reduce the number of strokes with an even par, but scored 130 strokes with an interim total of 4 under par, finishing in 3rd place.

A-Yeon Jo and Eun-Woo Choi both tied for 4th with a 3 under par 141, while Bae So-Hyun, Jang Eun-Su, Lee Da-Yeon, Lee Se-Hee, and Jo Hye-Rim tied for 6th with a 2-under 142.

As of 5:30 p.m., 26 players are playing the second round.

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